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This gallery features the top 10 posts from our blog.  If you can only stay for a short visit today, or you’re wondering what folks find interesting, this will make it easy for you to see what’s popular here at The Hollow.  We’re really happy you had a chance to visit and hope you enjoy reading these posts as much as we did bringing them to you.

Photoblog: Ian’s Coffee Stop Ian’s Coffee Stop– Ian Turner was a character in the city of Victoria who was much larger than life.  Ian’s Coffee Stop sits across from the Royal Jubilee Hospital and forms a cornerstone of the community with the history created by both the place and the man who ran it.  At this time the future is uncertain for this landmark and the community has come together in an effort to save it.  We were featured on CTV News for our work on this project.
Photoblog: George Sawchuk’s Wacky Woods – In Memory George Sawchuk’s Wacky Woods – In Memory– an artist and genius at work, George Sawchuk created the most amazing outdoor art exhibit. George recently passed away in the spring of 2012 and we were saddened by the loss and visited the exhibit with the express intent of capturing as much as possible to share with a larger audience.
Photoblog: Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice– we return to visit the Metchosin Pioneer Museum in this post written by Mrs. Toad.  A few of the displays featuring artifacts from inside homes are showcased as Mrs. Toad takes us on a whimsical and fun journey through our memories, reflecting on the times we experienced growing up.
Photoblog: The Ghostly Hallows The Ghostly Hallows– Stone Butter Church in the Cowichan Valley is my photography muse.  One of the original stone churches built in the area, it was only actively used for a handful of years.  Today it stands as a ruin and a landmark in the valley, and is one of my very favorite places to return and photograph time and time again.
Photoblog: Higgledy-Piggledy House Higgledy-Piggledy House– an old character house in the heart of Victoria city is explored in this post.  Long abandoned now, the house shows signs of weathering and decay as Mother Nature continues her relentless march of time.  This house is part of the Ian Turner story noted above and it’s future is likely short.
Photoblog: The Deafening Sound Of Fury The Deafening Sound Of Fury– we really enjoy photographing exotic cars, and joined forces with the Victoria Corvette Club in the past to provide photography services. Our first event attended was a slalom event hosted in Nanaimo, and this blog post describes this event and shares some images.
Photoblog: The Chatter of History The Chatter of History– originally built in 1852 this is one of the last standing buildings in the area from that time period.  A group of developers has purchased the land this building sits on only to discover the incredible historic importance of it. Today an entire community works together to find a way to preserve it for future generations to enjoy.
Photoblog: Blue Jet: Corvette Grand Sport Blue Jet: Corvette Grand Sport– our love of cars runs deep here at Toad Hollow, and when we had a chance to spend an early morning with a good friend of ours who owns this incredible car, the opportunity was way too good to pass up.  Join us on a warm summers morning as we explore this absolutely incredible car and share it’s wonderful story.
Photoblog: Tea At The Villa Tea At The Villa– built in 1865, it is one of less than twelve remaining homes from this period in the city, and TLC has been working for over 10 years to restore it.  Ross Bay Villa is an astounding home, lovingly and meticulously restored and maintained as a link to our deep history and heritage.
Photoblog: Macaulay Point: The First Bastion: Pt 1 Macaulay Point: The First Bastion: Pt 1– during the early days of colonization the Pacific Naval Defense was an important part of the strategy of the settlers to ensure safety in the new communities as they were being formed.  Ready and waiting for a war that never came, today this park stands as a living museum that everyone can visit to enjoy direct contact with the incredible history of our area.
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    Hi Toads, I never noticed this page before, perhaps it is new. It is a great idea, and a very interesting collection of posts! You sure have been busy.

  2. Very glad that I found your webpage and this blog. Very inspirational and informative stuff on these pages!!!