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All too often these days we find ourselves shocked to discover another link to our past is gone.  Dwindling budgets for things related to heritage are having a notoriously negative effect, and the overall economy being what it is dictates that contemporary developers have to consider costs and profits when taking on projects.  These factors […]

Valentine’s Day is much more than pretty flowers, nice cards and warm sentiments, it’s a time to reflect on those things that are so meaningful to us.  Here at Toad Hollow we march to the beat of a slightly different drummer and with this in our hearts we take us back once again to one […]

Stepping through the gates is like stepping back in time, a simpler time, one where challenges created the rewards of starting a new life in a new country.  Ross Bay Villa represents this time as one of the few remaining original homes built during colonization of Victoria in the mid 1800’s.  We can think of […]

History is like a scavenger hunt.  It rarely presents itself in any sort of tidy and immediately appreciable way, choosing rather to leave its prints scattered in every direction of possibility.  As if someone took the whole story, tore it up into tiny pieces and released it into the air, to be carried by the currents […]

The bell clangs and the children rush to class.  First opened in 1855 to the growing community at the Craigflower Farm, the first 26 eager students had a bright future.  Education was a cornerstone in their development to help them become the future leaders and skilled tradespeople that helped to foment the city we live […]

As the school bell rang across the countryside, the pitter-patter of tiny feet could be heard as the schoolchildren made their way to classes.  Today only the echoes remain as it has been over 100 years since the last class was held at the Craigflower Schoolhouse.  Yet it remains one of our most prized jewels […]

Imagine a time when ladies in beautiful flowing dresses and ornate bonnets gracefully sipped tea while dapper gentlemen with watch chains at their waists retired to the parlour to discuss politics and negotiate business deals.  Poetic images of fancy dinner parties alive with chatter, garden picnics under ruffled parasols and children huddled together by the dim […]

The leaves rustle as the wind makes its way through the dense forest, much like a harp player who runs her fingers through the strings evoking a beautiful melody that makes the heart sing.  You are alone with nature, fully at peace with yourself and the wonder that surrounds you.  Suddenly that pile of bills […]

We find ourselves amidst a very difficult time in the world; a time of loss, a time of poverty and a time of forlorn hope.  It is in times like these that stories of inspiration and perseverance become even more meaningful as a way for us all to find that inner beacon of hope that […]

Now at first glance that may sound like an unsavory part of a recipe from an old witch’s cookbook, but you know that being affable, warmhearted toads, we would never dream of advocating such things!   What it is, however, is a pretty good way to travel…if you’re a tiny toad and you happen to need a ride. Today we ask you to hang up your suit and tie, leave your […]