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It’s been a rough winter for many folks in the US and Canada this year.  We’ve thankfully somehow avoided all this out here on the west coast, having had a relatively mild winter with almost no snow on Vancouver Island (south) that I can recall.  With March in full swing now, the flowers are beginning […]

Ladies in Waiting

Posted: 18th March 2015 by Mrs. Toad in Photography
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Stroll along any street near the Victoria waterfront and you will likely be awed at the number and diversity of old and unique Victorian style houses, often built by the original families who came to Fort Victoria seeking new lives and new adventures during the mid-1800’s.  Often lonely and frequently hostile, life in those early […]

While Liza Minnelli rightfully sang about life being a cabaret, this Saturday, February 7th, at The Bay Centre in beautiful downtown Victoria, life was a masquerade! A Fairy Tale Masquerade Wedding, that is. Complete with lively music, lovely brides and decadent food. And of course, a veritable wedding! If you were one of the many […]

As time continues to fly by and the Modern Bride Show is directly on our horizon we’ve been busy getting ready for the big event by preparing our handouts and other materials, and doing portrait sessions with a few clients.  We truly love this work and are looking forward to doing much more of this […]

Even though Vancouver Island’s post-colonization history only encompasses the last 150 odd years or so, we do have quite a rich heritage to take in and enjoy.  Our buildings may not be thousands of years old as they are in old Europe, but many of them benefit from architectural cues derived from homes and buildings […]

Silent For 100 Years

Posted: 27th October 2014 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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It’s been nearly 100 years since last these guns unleashed a barrage of heavy artillery towards our own 2nd Canadian Mounted Rifles in the European war theater of WWI.  In 1917/1918 these German Field Guns grew silent as the Canadian forces overwhelmed the German infantry and took possession of them.  Today they stand proud in […]

It’s a malady as old as the ages themselves.  It’s a condition that many artists face, and while some master it, others spend lifetimes chasing it only to perish just short of the true goal.  So please bear with me today as I wax poetic on this topic, one that is just as much a […]

Today Cole Island is inhabited by only the whispers of those who came before.  It now stands as a very important link to our heritage here on Vancouver Island under the watchful eye of the Provincial Government’s Heritage Branch and a local group of local people who have formed a community called the “Friends of […]

We are avid fans of great architecture, particularly architecture from years past that has left an indelible mark on the community it lives in.  We find that when you enjoy these buildings from the outside frequently you are left wondering what they look like inside.  And in many cases what you find is not what […]

Elegance oozes from every corner, every curve, every surface of this car, and the crowds that surrounded it knew it was something special, even if they didn’t know the rich tapestry of history behind the famous Packard name in the automotive realm.  The chrome and finish on the details of the coach speak to the […]