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Hello everyone, welcome back to The Hollow and thanks so kindly for your visit.  This post has been in the works for days now, but due to my new work schedule it has been difficult to get the time to put it together.  I’ve been very much looking forward to it and am happy to […]

Today’s photoblog post is going to focus on two artifacts that are on display at the BC Forestry Discovery Centre.  This post is a continuation of our running series, “The Toad’s Tonka Toys“. As things stand, the area on Vancouver Island that we live in and its immediate surroundings were all founded by local industry.  […]

Well, as it turns out our best friend Mr. Mudpuppy found some great information on the toy train we discussed in today’s photoblog post “The Toy Train Express“.  This latest series we’re working on, “The Toad’s Tonka Toys” is a series based on a visit to the BC Forestry Discovery Centre we had the pleasure […]

Hi everyone, we’re back after a brief break for Thanksgiving here in Canada!  We had the best long weekend, hanging out with our best friends and extended family.  My cheeks hurt from laughing today, and I believe this is a sign of having had a wonderful time. Today’s post finds us once again at the […]

Woo Woo!!  Hi everyone, welcome back to The Hollow today!  We’re continuing our latest photoblog series together, “The Toad’s Tonka Toys” by hopping aboard the train and traveling the rails.  We’re back at the BC Forest Discovery Centre today, enjoying a brief train ride. Today’s shots are not HDR photographs.  We captured these images while […]

We’re most definitely back today, and we’re visiting the BC Forest Discovery Centre as we continue our latest photoblog series “The Toad’s Tonka Toys“.  Today’s story is one that became sad over the years, but has a great outcome…  and we’re pretty happy to have a chance to share this with everyone. Everyone loves trains […]

This post marks the beginning of a new photoblog series here at The Hollow, folks, strap yourself in for quite the ride!  Mr. and Mrs. Mudpuppy and the Toads here landed at the BC Forest Discovery Centre recently on an adventure outing, and we captured such a huge series of photos that as we were […]

Today we adventure together by taking a visit to a little town on the East Coast of Vancouver Island, in BC Canada.  Chemainus was originally founded and settled by the folks involved in the logging industry, and for decades the town was a booming locale.  Great portions of modern history on Vancouver Island were all […]