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Vancouver Island history is part of a rich tapestry of stories and events that have unfolded here, creating the communities and landmarks that are so meaningful to those who live here.  These features speak to the efforts undertaken during the early years of colonization, resulting in a myriad of museums and sites to visit that […]

If you stand still enough, you can almost hear the whistle of the rolling train in the distance.  It’s one of those things; history trying to reach across the divide of time to leave an imprint on the now.  In this post we are continuing our running photoblog series “Ladysmith Train Station & Railway Museum” […]

Our avid love of photography finds us with some rather strange obsessions.  One of them has to be the natural effects and appearance of rusty things.  The textures and details you can find with such objects represents the tireless work of time and nature against the man-made metals of our generation.  One of our very […]

Our love for everything rusty runs from the sublime to the surreal at times, driving us onward, forever searching for that next abandoned or forgotten artifact to explore with our lens.  A while back, the lovely Mrs. Toad happened to come across the Ladysmith Train Station and Railway Museum and told me all about it.  […]

I’ve found myself wandering around the Cowichan Valley lately, sometimes rather early in the morning.  And as such, I am finding treasures in my own backyard once again.  It’s been said many times before that new compositions and studies can be found by revisiting places with strong subject potential.  Join us today as we take […]

To the untrained eye, you might see a bunch of old iron and steel.  To the enthusiast, it’s a portal into nostalgia and romance.  For well over a year now we’ve been featuring periodic posts showcasing some of the really incredible artifacts and historical machinery we encountered on our day long visit to the BC […]

A Stations Storied History

Posted: 26th September 2012 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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Fire is a great equalizer.  It can destroy things in a manner of moments, and it can also be responsible for rebirth and regrowth as evidenced by forests years after fire rages through it.  In some stories we find a place or facility that is so meaningful to the community that those who live there […]

Designing and constructing a building requires planning, precise measurements and skilled people to execute the plan.  Most of the time, anyways.  Has the fickle finger of time played a role in what we are about to see today with weathering and decay, or was this building constructed using guesstimates and rough guidelines?  I’m not sure […]

There is just something utterly romantic about trains.  Almost everyone remembers The Orient Express and has some association with trains from this period.  Imagine if you will, a beautiful historic steam-driven train meanders through the countryside, working its way through tunnels, over deep canyons and up over mountain ranges.  The cars are full of the […]

Texas isn’t the only place where size truly matters, here in Duncan, BC, Canada we have our BC Forest Discovery Centre which serves as a museum to host artifacts and vehicles from our storied past.  The logging industry forms a cornerstone to our economy and way of life here on Vancouver Island, and we take […]