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There are many reasons why we love Vancouver Island so much.  It’s home to the most glorious oceanfront and beaches, mountains, history and heritage, and of course some really great architecture that expresses the true character of west coast living.  And barns.  I love barns.  Especially old weathered barns.  As we have mentioned before, one […]

Vancouver Island is a multifaceted place full of character, whimsy and even a bit of intrigue.  The little community of Coombs is a great example of this, full of things you just won’t see on a regular day.  Mrs. Toad’s latest blog post “A Lovely Day For A Motorcar Ride” takes us along as she […]

Home Is Where You Hang Your Hat

Posted: 10th April 2013 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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Our first love for photography here on Vancouver Island has to be the homes that dot our landscapes.  Whether they are new, modern structures, or old, weathered and character-rich homes, they are all of interest.  In particular the older homes really tell a story, we find, one that is so quintessentially Vancouver Island.  Join us […]

Recently we were contacted by the terrific folks at Topaz Labs with a request to try out their brand new Topaz Labs Detail™ 3 Plugin for Photoshop.  Time is critical for us here at The Hollow and thus any chance we get to try out new software and techniques can be very exciting.  Any tool […]

Oh, the stories this tired old crooked building could tell.  Even its very construct reveals a plethora of secrets and tales of yesterday.  But only to those that truly seek them. This is definitely one of my favorite pictures we’ve ever taken.  There is an entire world to be found in this wonderful old shed, […]

Sometimes we encounter a story in the city that is so profound it’s actually difficult to write about.  As the years go by the issues become more complex and tangled as people pass on, bylaws change and society continues to evolve.  Today’s story is one such story.  Today’s story features a city landmark that almost […]

It’s an almost magical place that can capture the imagination of those who visit.  Especially if you’re a Toad who loves antique heavy duty equipment.  You could seriously get lost in here for hours on end and come back the very next day and start all over discovering the most amazing things. We’re visiting the […]

The Hollow’s Gate

Posted: 7th September 2012 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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Much like chasing the fabled Yeti through the snow-caps of the Swiss Alps, this has been in the planning stages for years now.  Armed with only a 10 megapixel sensor and a 50mm prime lens, we stalked our quarry with steely determination.  As we sat, waiting, in our chairs the mythical being finally emerged from […]

It’s a scene straight from a Harry Potter movie.  Or perhaps it’s the headquarters for the pending zombie infestation, or even the convention facility for the four horsemen of the apocalypse.  It certainly needs tidying up before the next meeting to avoid someone having to go to a doctor for a rather nasty tetanus shot. […]

The more I learn about people from previous generations and the hardships and experiences they had, the more I respect and admire them.  I think this is a large reason for the inherent interest we all find in visiting our local museums and viewing and learning about our history.  Nothing can put you directly in […]