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Footprints are sometimes there even though we can’t see them.  Those who have come before tread on the grounds, leaving behind a little something of themselves.  For those who are acute these ghostly outlines of the imprints are not lost forever, rather they are as evident and as fresh as the day they were left.  […]

This is a place I am drawn to, like a moth to a flame.  Each visit reveals new vignettes, new little stories featured in a way I didn’t notice before.  Either that, or somehow it’s changed.  This is a place that captures and reflects light in unique ways.   Each season, each time of day […]

As photographers, many of us have our places that we love to return to often seeking that ultimate shot.  The subject is so compelling you just know locked in the scene lies a masterpiece awaiting discovery.  For me, my place is Old Stone Butter Church built in 1870 on Comiaken Hill in the beautiful Cowichan […]

Get ready to have shivers up your spine.  If you think you felt something brush against your leg, we can’t tell you with all truthfulness that it didn’t happen.  If you didn’t believe in ghosts before you got here today, you may very well think differently in mighty short order. Now, we’re not going to […]

My love of local history and architecture is fueled by sites like this.  This is the Old Stone Butter Church, which is rich in history in our area on Vancouver Island.  The church is long abandoned and now sits atop a hill overlooking a beautiful mountain that meanders down to the sea-shore.  This particular shoot […]