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Time is a relentless master, forever marching forward and never altering it’s pace.  A boat now lies prone on the banks of the shores of Alert Bay, on Cormorant Island, with only it’s memories, memories that are secret to us now but never forgotten for those who stood upon her deck working the seas.  She […]

Our love for Vancouver Island and the life we experience here runs deep, it’s in our DNA.  Sometimes Mrs. Toad and I hop into our car and take off for points unknown, with no schedule or real goal in mind other than to find some scenes of the island that convey the character and spirit […]

A ship’s bell clangs in the distance through the fog.  By the time it hits your ear it almost sounds muddy, as if the thickness of the fog in the air weighed it down.  As the echoes drifted across the bay and slowly subsided the gulls began to fly past, never afraid to let their […]

The Fog Of Winter

Posted: 16th November 2012 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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The screams of delight from the children at Halloween are still ringing in our ears as fall gives way to winter.  Fresh thoughts of goblins, witches, fairy princesses and other such creatures remain in our imagination as the first winter frost descends upon the valley.  It’s time to put summer and fall behind us and […]

The long hot days of summer are well behind us as Autumn slowly descends on our little valley, bringing gifts of red and gold and amber.  It is my very favourite time of the year.  A time to rest, a time to reflect, to slow down and unwind.  A romantic time where a walk in the […]