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Fisgard Lighthouse is a special place on the southern end of Vancouver Island, and is a place we like to visit as often as we can during the course of a year.  Its personality changes with the seasons and the weather, and the angles from which you can view it create fresh and distinct compositions.  […]

Ah, the smell of the ocean breezes, the sounds of lapping waves against the shores as gulls cry in the distance…  sights and sounds that bring an instant sense of tranquility and peace to all.  It’s truly hard to beat the feeling you get while visiting the shore and experiencing all the ambience it has […]

At a time long before Canada was officially a country, the tall ships were traveling back and forth bringing people and materials to the newly found land.  Many arrived on our shores to find a rugged and raw landscape.  Even today this landscape is treacherous, finding many sea-going vessels encountering troubles on our craggy shorelines.  […]