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What a wonderful year we’ve had here at The Hollow!  It’s hard to believe how fast the time has flown past, and that the holidays are upon us now.  At this time of year we like to reflect on family and friends and all the great adventures we’ve shared over the past year. We are […]

Edmund Picoti Cole was the Master of HMS Fisgard during the British Admiralty Surveys of the coast in 1846, and Cole Island is named after him.  Within 60 years of this survey 16 magazines had been constructed on the island as well as some other buildings, one of which we’ll be discussing in a future […]

Across The Water

Posted: 2nd December 2013 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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Living on an island means that there is no shortage of places to visit the ocean.  Vancouver Island is the largest Pacific island located east of New Zealand and many people are surprised at both the size and the inherent climate we experience here.  Canadian winters are notorious for being frigidly cold with many feet […]

The hustle and bustle of the everyday world can seem overwhelming at times.  Minutes filled with endless errands, hectic work schedules and a variety of obligations of every persuasion can result in a blur of days bleeding into the next with nary a single moment to catch one’s breath.  Electronic devices whiz and bleep to […]

The Cycle Of Life

Posted: 8th November 2013 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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The entire premise of life is built upon the concept of converting one thing to another.  Food is transformed as nutrition for our bodies into energy, allowing us to perform great and magical feats in the world we live in.  Gas powered cars convert fuel into heat which is them transformed into motion.  Compost changes […]

Fate favors the prepared, I’ve heard it said many times.  Life on the west coast of Canada is a peaceful existence, the concept of an active war or military confrontation on our shores is a notion that is nearly impossible to fathom.  But that wasn’t always the case, and in the mid 1800′s as Britain […]

Our love for Vancouver Island and the life we experience here runs deep, it’s in our DNA.  Sometimes Mrs. Toad and I hop into our car and take off for points unknown, with no schedule or real goal in mind other than to find some scenes of the island that convey the character and spirit […]

The future is very murky for this grand old hotel, its next chapter remains to be written.  It’s been a while since Mrs. Toad and I were on the west coast of Vancouver Island on a photo-excursion and when we recently visited the Sooke area and found this landmark in its current state it was […]

A little fixer-upper, needs a touch of paint, some insulation, some new siding, and a few other odds and sods.  Situated right on the beach, or well, near it anyways, this lovely little starter home looks out over some of the finest views on Vancouver Island.  It comes complete with a leaky rowboat that requires […]

Blue Grouse Estate Winery

Posted: 18th September 2013 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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We’re constantly amazed by the things we discover in the Cowichan Valley.  Our local services and offerings are becoming very well known on a broader scale with our attention to quality and detail.  One of these industries is the burgeoning wine industry on Vancouver Island.  Join us as we visit Paul and Cristina Brunner at […]