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We find ourselves in a period of upheaval in terms of the global economy, and with this transition comes change.  One of the changes that seems to be so prevalent these days is the many buildings we encounter that once were flourishing with activity and are now forgotten.  We tend to find an anchor in […]

The hands of time relentlessly tick forward, constantly turning the present into the past and creating history.  Sometimes this history is profound, and sometimes it is mundane.  Sometimes it lives in a place that was very remote, meaning it now lives in the minds and memories of only a few.  Jordan River is one such […]

No Burgers Today

Posted: 5th January 2011 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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Today’s post is absolutely bittersweet for me. We took this series of photos over the Christmas holidays while we were away, and I’ve been waiting for a day when I had a chance to write a proper background for it to post. This is Shakie’s Burger Shack.  This little shack honestly made the best burgers, […]