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We love our history on Vancouver Island and on the West Coast of Canada, and we particularly love our history in the context of our wonderful and unique architecture.  We were absolutely delighted to meet Magdalena and Stefan Opalski more than a year ago, and learn of their plans to fully restore Wentworth Villa, one […]

Ask someone what makes the Cowichan Valley so special and you will likely get a very long list of answers.  But one thing is for certain, there is no place quite like it.  Nestled between the bustling cities of Victoria and Nanaimo, the pristine coastline, towering cedars, sparkling lakes and rivers, and mountains that seemingly […]

It is often said that one person cannot change the world.  And while many may believe it to be true, apparently no one thought to tell Major James MacFarlane. A land owner on Vancouver Island in the early days of the twentieth century, fuelled by Irish whiskey and sheer determination, he took the government of […]

The History of Photography

Posted: 31st December 2014 by ToadHollowPhoto in The Toad's Musings
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As 2014 draws to a close and 2015 is upon us it’s time to reflect on the events that brought us all here today.  Many artists at this time of year compile a Top 10 Photographs list as in introspective look at the past year.  For us, this reflection goes back much further, back to […]