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Very early in 2012 we ran a photoblog series “The Toad And The Lodge” that documented that last few days of a well-known institution on Vancouver Island called Tillicum Lodge.  For years the lodge served as a residence for our elders, providing care in a wonderful setting for those in need.  As time relentlessly marched […]

Nervous new parents with feverish babies, big burly loggers with broken bones, concerned nurses tending to sick patients, doctors with furrowed brows contemplating test results.  These are just some of the faces that may have peered out from behind these windows,  looking out at the growing city as they bided their time or searching the Heavens for inspiration and meaning. Hospitals are […]

Welcome back, folks, today we close off our latest series “The Toads In Youbou“, please feel free to check the previous posts if you are just arriving here now.  This series has focused on a small logging town called Youbou, on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.  Youbou sits on the end of a dead-end road, and […]

I suspect I still have a touch of the fever here in the swamp today at The Hollow, so I apologize in advance if I seem a little loopy.  Well, at least more loopy than usual.  Today’s post focuses on a wonderful old heritage building located in Esquimalt, BC on Vancouver Island in Canada.  This […]

In a previous post, we’ve been discussing planning and scouting for photographic opportunities.  Today we explore what happens when you plan for something only to arrive at the scene to do the shoot, and find that things have completely changed. This entire situation has really driven home the point to me on how important these […]

Today we wrap up our series of the active demolition in progress.  As you read this blog, this entire lot is vacant and will remain so until the new development begins. The dust flies in the air, the excavator is in mid bite…. the roof and framing are now really just a loose bunch of […]

We continue to explore an active demolition today with 3 new HDR photos of the site.  We will be wrapping this series up tomorrow and we are thrilled with the response we’ve received with the series so far.  Sincerely hoping that you all are really enjoying this! As the activities progressed, the scene began to […]

There is no stopping the constant march of progress!  We’ve received tons of feedback from folks on this series as we move along, and even a few local folks who actually live within blocks of this zone.  We’re thrilled with the response so far, and we hope you enjoy today’s post. These shots really spoke […]

As we continue to explore an active demolition, today’s post showcases a series of new HDR photos we captured during the act.  As you read today’s post, these buildings are now long gone, all that remains is a barren lot. This was the scene as I encountered upon arrival.  With the car in the driveway […]

Today’s post is a little different.  Usually here at The Hollow, we like to focus on beautiful and interesting homes, buildings and landscapes.  Today, however, the swamp is hit with a wrecking ball. Readying the area for a new massive condo project requires the removal of the existing homes.  To many, this may seem like […]