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Our New Year has gently flown in on gossamer wings, and in the background I can now begin to hear the flight song of a flock as it signals the first heartbeat of what is about to be our most exciting year ever. As is usual this time of year, we found ourselves in a […]

We’ve been looking forward to sharing this post with everyone for a few weeks now; I know Mrs. Toad will be hoppin’ up and down when she sees this one later today, no doubt about it!  I have recently taken to referring to ourselves as “photographers who love anything with historic value”.  Old, historic things […]

On our journey together today, we’re going to take a look at something that is a little different for us here at The Hollow.  We typically love to photograph buildings, architecture, cars and other loosely related subjects, but every once in a while you encounter something out of the ordinary that merits a photo-expose.  Today’s […]