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It’s time again to rustle your hair in the wind as we head back to the 2012 “Vette to Victoria” event hosted by the Victoria Corvette Club last year.  It was a real highlight of our year to have a chance to join in on the fun over the long weekend as people from all […]

A Level Of Detail

Posted: 11th April 2013 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography, Vette to Victoria
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Make no mistake about it, the Chevrolet Corvette is quite the car right off the assembly line.  Many owners love to personalize their cars, and the amount and type of customizations out there are limited by your imagination only.  And that’s kind of funny in a way, the Corvette isn’t a high production number car […]

We’re heading back to a time when bubble gum, sock hops, Elvis Presley, The Twilight Zone and Leave It To Beaver were all leaving their indelible marks on society, marks that remain even today.  In 1953 the first Chevrolet Corvette rolled off the assembly lines, and popular automotive culture was never to be the same […]

As spring approaches, the trees are showing signs of budding, certain flowers are starting to peek out from under the cloak of winter’s cover and a young man’s thoughts turn to sports cars.  My love and devotion to my beautiful wife and best friend, Mrs. Toad, is well-known.  But those who know me also know […]

Madness isn’t always bad.  Sometimes it can be fuel for the fire of champions.  This is the story of what happens when a team of dedicated professionals get together and create a mascot that symbolizes their passion and winning attitudes.  Eventually it takes on a life of it’s own and comes alive. We’re heading back […]

Zooming Into 2013

Posted: 3rd January 2013 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography, Vette to Victoria
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Now that 2012 is firmly in our rear-view mirror and 2013 is in front of us, there’s nothing like hitting the open road and putting the pedal to the metal!  Thanks for joining us today as we roll into the new year with a blast down the highway of life by checking out several stunning […]

You could just tell it was going to be a big day.  An epic day, really, one filled with seeing cars that in some cases fall into the category of the “unicorn”…  fabled beasts never seen before in person.  As the cars continued to pour into the event and were getting readied for the show, […]

We’ve all heard the expression before “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”.  This would mean that the wolf came to the door dressed in a demure and timid fashion in an attempt to gain the sheep’s trust and thereby turn the herd into a giant buffet.  This would be a misnomer in this case.  What we’ve […]

You find yourself standing on a gentle hillside, surrounded by green grass, trees and the odd little bunny hopping about. The sky is blue, the flowers are fragrant. Yet still, you can’t shake this feeling that something is about to change… something drastic. You begin to sense a little vibration in your feet. Everything is […]

BREAKING NEWS: The Toad’s have been spotted in their bright red chariot over the weekend!  We’re going to break away from our running series “The Hollow’s Backyard” showcasing the Wooden Boat Festival at the Maple Bay Marina, in BC, Canada, to bring you a series of images captured this weekend.  This blog post is a […]