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We awoke in Telegraph Cove very early in the morning, anticipating what lay ahead for us.  This day had been in the plans for months on end, and in some ways it felt strange to find ourselves readying for the adventure that was about to unfold.  We knew that we would be moved beyond our […]

Vancouver Island is a place full of special places.  Go in any direction and in short order you will most certainly find a little piece of Heaven to call your own, if only for a few lucky moments.  But some places are so special, so uniquely beautiful and breathtaking, that you can’t help but leave […]

Now at first glance that may sound like an unsavory part of a recipe from an old witch’s cookbook, but you know that being affable, warmhearted toads, we would never dream of advocating such things!   What it is, however, is a pretty good way to travel…if you’re a tiny toad and you happen to need a ride. Today we ask you to hang up your suit and tie, leave your […]