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Brentwood Bay At Dusk

Posted: 10th March 2015 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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The frosty tendrils of the waning winter were crawling up my back as I stood at the Split Rock Lookout at the peak of the Malahat on Vancouver Island.  This treacherous stretch of highway is single lane throughout much of it, and is a very dangerous passage, particularly in winter when it’s dark.  It is […]

The Picturesque Victoria Harbor The picturesque Victoria Harbor is an amazing place to visit.  Photography opportunities are found everywhere with a great mix of things nautical sitting against a backdrop of the beautiful Pacific Ocean and the mountains in the distance.  In some cases, the best way to express a certain vision in terms of […]

Our town had been a bustling and growing community for quite some time before the garage was built, but when you consider the modern age we live in it’s easy to imagine that this singular event was a landmark that was one of the catalysts that helped create our town.  The Duncan Garage Heritage Building […]

This will likely be our last set of photographs of the Holiday Court Motel here in Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island in Canada.  This iconic and storied building is slated for demolition really soon, according to the rumors in town these days.  Several years behind schedule, the motel has been abandoned and boarded up for […]

On our latest photo escapade, we landed in the fair city of Nanaimo, BC, Canada on Vancouver Island.  A wonderful city, full of history and heritage, Nanaimo is the largest or second largest city on our island.  It kind of depends on who you talk to.  Regardless, it’s a wonderful place full of fabulous photo […]

We had a pretty exciting weekend in terms of photography, and one of the treasures we encountered was an old church that is over 116 years old now.  St. Andrews United Church is located in the Old City Quarter of Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.  Let’s dive into some pictures, shall we? From what […]

We’ve done two previous blog posts on Victoria’s iconic Chinatown district, and tonight we’ve got a follow-up story to share.  Our previous blogs “Beijing Toad” and “A Town Within The City” discuss the heritage and history of the area in quite some depth, so you may wish to visit those posts. This is Fan Tan […]

We’ve got an interesting story to share with everyone today that will resonate with most.  When we were tadpoles growing up, my folks used to take us on vacations annually.  We’d either head over to the Rockies with a trailer in tow to take in the absolutely stunning scenery in the Jasper/Banff area of Canada, […]

We’re back after a brief holiday break here at The Hollow to continue our running photoblog series “The Toad Visits Chemainus“.  Mrs. Toad and myself spent our Canada Day long weekend hopping around the island, enjoying the weather that seems to finally have turned from winter to a semblance of summer.  We managed to capture […]

I suspect I still have a touch of the fever here in the swamp today at The Hollow, so I apologize in advance if I seem a little loopy.  Well, at least more loopy than usual.  Today’s post focuses on a wonderful old heritage building located in Esquimalt, BC on Vancouver Island in Canada.  This […]