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The air cracks around you, leaving you breathless.  In the blink of an eye the source of the thunder rolls past so quickly any delay in your awareness leaves you standing there wondering what just happened.  As you spin around to follow the sound, the Corvette that broke the stillness finds the upper realm of […]

Hey everyone, welcome back!  Well, originally I had totally planned on rolling out this incredible series of new images we took recently of a piece of local historic architecture and significance, but somehow my day here has started to get away from me.  So, rather than roll it out poorly and miss a chance to […]

BREAKING NEWS: The Toad’s have been spotted in their bright red chariot over the weekend!  We’re going to break away from our running series “The Hollow’s Backyard” showcasing the Wooden Boat Festival at the Maple Bay Marina, in BC, Canada, to bring you a series of images captured this weekend.  This blog post is a […]