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It has been awhile since last we posted on our visit to  McLean Mill National Historic Site in Port Alberni, a wonderful heritage museum that is full of treasures and exhibits from a bygone era.  This museum is an important link to Vancouver Island’s past, paying homage to the logging industry, one of the key […]

Vancouver Island history is part of a rich tapestry of stories and events that have unfolded here, creating the communities and landmarks that are so meaningful to those who live here.  These features speak to the efforts undertaken during the early years of colonization, resulting in a myriad of museums and sites to visit that […]

As we continue to work on our personal projects here at Toad Hollow, we find that some of these projects leave us with a distinct sense of the profound.  This is especially true in regard to our project we refer to as “The Anglican Church Project“.  This exciting undertaking finds us visiting all of the […]

Silent For 100 Years

Posted: 27th October 2014 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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It’s been nearly 100 years since last these guns unleashed a barrage of heavy artillery towards our own 2nd Canadian Mounted Rifles in the European war theater of WWI.  In 1917/1918 these German Field Guns grew silent as the Canadian forces overwhelmed the German infantry and took possession of them.  Today they stand proud in […]

Qualicum Beach Museum

Posted: 21st October 2014 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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Of all the places we frequent, Qualicum Beach and Parksville remain some of our very favorites with stunning landscapes, seascapes, heritage and sights and sounds to take in and enjoy.  Each season reveals a very unique tapestry, with the summer season being bright, warm and active with countless visitors making their way here for vacations […]

Some items we have a chance to photograph have a life of their own.  The stories of those who once owned them are forever imprinted in their fabric, and if you listen closely you can learn a little of the person and the times they came from.  In today’s post we are continuing a new […]

Today Cole Island is inhabited by only the whispers of those who came before.  It now stands as a very important link to our heritage here on Vancouver Island under the watchful eye of the Provincial Government’s Heritage Branch and a local group of local people who have formed a community called the “Friends of […]

As the car slowly snaked its way down the narrow road, we were almost afraid to exhale. We had been down this road countless times, full of misplaced hope and wonder, only to be met with crushing disappointment. Left to speculate as to whether the camera coldly bearing down on us was, in fact, recording […]

Time waits for no one it is said, but what about when it makes a grand journey only to find itself back home?  This story has all the makings of a wonderful story that ties our rich local history into the present.  Our involvement all started recently with a new connection we made at our […]

Our ongoing adventures photographing and sharing the Anglican Churches here on Vancouver Island continues in today’s post as we feature The Anglican Parish of St. Peter and St. Paul.  Our latest running photoblog series “The Anglican Church Project” is one that we are working on with the Anglican Diocese of BC that finds us visiting […]