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It would seem that the good folks over at Topaz Labs never seem to sleep.  They are constantly enhancing and updating their current set of tools, and in all cases these advancements produce incredible results that make it easy for us photographers to create great images, easily.  In today’s fast paced world, we find it […]

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2015

Posted: 26th November 2015 by ToadHollowPhoto in Review
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With the holidays just around the corner it’s that time of year once again, the time when we find incredible sales that make our holiday shopping experience terrific.  In today’s day and age it sure feels great to make our dollars stretch further.  Once a year our favorite photography software team, Topaz Labs, has a […]

Topaz Adjust Review

Posted: 9th September 2013 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography, Review
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Introduction Topaz Labs is an industry leader in post-processing plug-ins and tools for the photographer who expects more from their imagery.  Their tools are some of the most advanced in the market, yet their continued focus on delivering products that balance both incredible power with intuitive user interfaces is one of the key factors that […]

Creative Cloud Alternatives

Posted: 5th September 2013 by ToadHollowPhoto in Review

There has been a lot of discussion lately circulating around Adobe’s Creative Cloud offering in terms of photography post-processing tools.  Many software companies are moving towards a monthly subscription model and in some cases this works fine for artists, but in other cases many of us would like Creative Cloud alternatives.  Our favorite post-processing tool […]

Topaz ReStyle Review

Posted: 29th August 2013 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography, Review
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Introduction When Topaz Labs releases a new software plug-in, we can’t wait to try it out.  Their tools are consistently comprehensive and powerful with intuitive interfaces that allow you to get right to the business of post-processing.  The latest addition to the collection of plug-ins is called Topaz ReStyle and it keeps up with this […]

Topaz Lens Effects Review

Posted: 16th July 2013 by ToadHollowPhoto in Review
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Thanks for joining us here today with our Topaz Lens Effects review.  We’ve had a chance to spend some time with the Topaz Labs Lens Effects plugin, and what a great piece of software it is.  Here at Toad Hollow Photography we really try to do most of our work in the field, but sometimes […]

The world of post-processing in photography is evolving with rapid advancements in all sectors of the field.  When it comes to fine art photography, we believe one of the leading companies creating great tools for post-processing is Topaz Labs, and today we’re excited to share with you their newly launched tool in our Topaz Clarity […]

Recently we were contacted by the terrific folks at Topaz Labs with a request to try out their brand new Topaz Labs Detail™ 3 Plugin for Photoshop.  Time is critical for us here at The Hollow and thus any chance we get to try out new software and techniques can be very exciting.  Any tool […]

Feedly Review: A Google Reader Replacement

Posted: 18th March 2013 by ToadHollowPhoto in Review

When I came across Google’s recent announcement to shutter it’s very popular online service Google Reader, I was shocked.  And it would seem I am far from alone on this.  I’ve used it for a few years extensively to help me track, organize and curate the weekly list we write for Light Stalking, and without […]

Photomatix Pro Review

Posted: 15th March 2013 by ToadHollowPhoto in Review
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Make no mistake, it’s all about the end results.  How you get there is much less important, and in some cases even irrelevant.  I could replace my camera with another model, I could easily replace my post-processing tools with something else, but there is one thing in my toolkit that I just can’t live without.  […]