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To the untrained eye, you might see a bunch of old iron and steel.  To the enthusiast, it’s a portal into nostalgia and romance.  For well over a year now we’ve been featuring periodic posts showcasing some of the really incredible artifacts and historical machinery we encountered on our day long visit to the BC […]

It’s an almost magical place that can capture the imagination of those who visit.  Especially if you’re a Toad who loves antique heavy duty equipment.  You could seriously get lost in here for hours on end and come back the very next day and start all over discovering the most amazing things. We’re visiting the […]

Designing and constructing a building requires planning, precise measurements and skilled people to execute the plan.  Most of the time, anyways.  Has the fickle finger of time played a role in what we are about to see today with weathering and decay, or was this building constructed using guesstimates and rough guidelines?  I’m not sure […]

We like to march to the beat of a different drummer here at The Hollow.  Holidays are a wonderful time to take a break, reflect on life and spend time with your friends and family.  And in many cases, holidays are about the kids. As the Easter weekend approaches, talk almost always turns to Easter […]

I awoke this morning in The Hollow, flung the front door open to take in all the grace, wonder and beauty of the Swamp and declared spring has finally arrived!  And in spring a young Toads mind immediately thinks of Heavy Duty Machinery! Well, that may not be entirely true but it does have a […]

Living in a rainforest today introduces its own interesting elements into life.  Living here 100 years ago must have been something else entirely.  Back then a leaky roof didn’t result in ushering in a team of highly trained experts who repel in like a crack military team to replace and repair the broken roof.  Today, […]

Rusty Gems

Posted: 14th February 2012 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography, The Toad's Tonka Toys
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For some folks finding a diamond would be considered the ultimate score, but for others its rust.  I happen to be one who falls into the second category, that’s for sure.  Mrs. Toad, on the other hand, probably resonates with the first category.  Today we continue our long-running photoblog series “The Toad’s Tonka Toys” with […]

We’ve got a literal parking lot full of trucks to look at today, folks!  We really love all things mechanical here at The Hollow, and in particular we love antique things.  During the summer of 2011, we had a chance to spend the day with our best friends, the Mudpuppies, at the BC Forest Discovery […]

Texas isn’t the only place where size truly matters, here in Duncan, BC, Canada we have our BC Forest Discovery Centre which serves as a museum to host artifacts and vehicles from our storied past.  The logging industry forms a cornerstone to our economy and way of life here on Vancouver Island, and we take […]

When you love old vehicles as much as I do, antique trucks become a beacon that my lens cannot ignore.  Today’s post is part of our running series “The Toad’s Tonka Toys“, featuring images captured at the BC Forest Discovery Centre in the summer of 2011.  This was a grand day of adventure Mrs. Toad […]