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It’s baffling to me how some people seem to walk through life without ever really seeing what’s right in front of them.  One of the best things about taking a camera with you is that it forces you to slow down a little and look.  And like most good adventures, it’s the little unexpected surprizes […]

Each year we try to attend an event that is held just around the corner from The Hollow, that is the annual “Maple Bay Wooden Boat Festival”.  This event attracts the attention of classic wooden boat enthusiasts from all points of the world, and is held at our very own picturesque Maple Bay Marina.  This […]

Every year the terrific folks at the Maple Bay Marina, just around the corner from where we live, host a widely acclaimed event called “The Wooden Boat Festival”.  For those who love everything nautical, this is a must-see event, one that finds crowds of folks coming from points all over the world to take in […]

Time sure does fly when you’re having fun, and there certainly is no lack of that around these parts lately!  Today’s post finds us in our own backyard where we are continuing a photoblog series we started in 2011 called “The Hollow’s Backyard” where we feature the sights and experiences we had at our local […]

I always find it to be a completely bittersweet moment when we come to a close on one of our running photoblog series.  We have a lot of fun taking the images, processing them and creating our blog posts to share with everyone.  The results are always very rewarding.  Today we bring to a close […]

Our series “The Hollow’s Backyard” will finish tomorrow with a nice wrap-up, but today we continue our grand adventure together.  Being Toad’s who live on an island, we love all things nautical.  The smell of the ocean breeze, the sound of the waves against the shore, bells ringing, flags flapping in the wind…  all distinctive […]

Our latest photoblog series “The Hollow’s Backyard” continues today as we look out from the docks of the Maple Bay Marina, where the Wooden Boat Festival was held.  The inlet at Maple Bay, on Vancouver Island in BC, Canada, is a wonderful setting that is host to some simply exquisite homes.  Island living in the […]

Today we are back looking at our latest ongoing series, “The Hollow’s Backyard“.  This series documents the Wooden Boat Festival at the Maple Bay Marina, in BC, Canada. I love to photograph doors, I think I got that from my dad who was an ardent amateur photographer.  Today we are going to look at several […]

If you’ve been following along on our latest photoblog series, “The Hollow’s Backyard“, you’ve seen some pretty different and really interesting artifacts at the Maple Bay Marina, in the Cowichan Valley of BC, Canada.  Today we look at a few more.  This will be our last blog post this week as tomorrow Mrs. Toad and […]

If you’re looking for something different today, I’d have to say you’ve come to the right place.  Today we continue our journey together at the Wooden Boat Festival at the Maple Bay Marina in BC, Canada.  Just in case you’re joining us, our ongoing series is available, “The Hollow’s Backyard“. The waters around Vancouver Island […]