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Please be warned that you may need a tetanus shot after reading today’s post, my friends.  Today we’re heading back to the Metchosin Pioneer Museum, on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada where we are continuing our long-running photoblog series “The Antiques Toad Show“.  This is a special place, one you can return to often and discover […]

As gathering around the picnic blanket gives way to cuddling in front of the fireplace, we are beckoned indoors once again as shadows fall on the landscape and blue sky turns to grey.  Now while that can certainly conjure sad images of little faces pressed against the window with smiles rightly turned upside-down,  we just can’t help but be […]

Rust is a great equalizer.  Almost everything constructed of metal begins a slow march towards decay.  In some cases this marks the beginning of the end for the item in question, sometimes it means the item becomes weathered looking.  With this comes character. We’re heading back to the Metchosin Pioneer Museum today where we continue […]

Bright eyed dolls in satin dresses, a tiny bed hidden beneath a zoo of stuffed animals,  crisp white linens that smell like outside, books that tell of a thousand adventures….while these might not make Julie Andrew’s list of her favourite things, they are most certainly at the very top of mine.  Little treasures that are […]

As times change, things that were considered quite normal before can now be looked upon with a critical eye.  As we learn things techniques go through a metamorphosis and the new understanding leads to a change in procedures and means.  This is the advancement of society. Join us today as we head back to our […]

Ahhh, the sweet smell of a freshly baked loaf of golden bread smothered in dripping butter and wild strawberry jam, made with buckets of berries that took all day to collect.  The deep, musky scent of coffee percolating on the stove and eggs delicately sizzling in a bath of bacon fat.  Having grown up in Quebec, these memories […]

What could possibly be better than great photos, a scintillating write-up, and a dapper Toad in a tophat?  More of them! Well, things are always hopping here at The Hollow and as much as that makes us very happy indeed, at times it can leave a toad feeling like throwing his flippers in the air and proclaiming “I […]

Items that people have possessed tell a story. Sometimes these stories are overt, sometimes they are wrong, but almost always an impression has been left behind. You can look at a destroyed car and immediately know it had an unfortunate incident with a tree. You can look at a diamond wedding ring and know it […]

The more I learn about people from previous generations and the hardships and experiences they had, the more I respect and admire them.  I think this is a large reason for the inherent interest we all find in visiting our local museums and viewing and learning about our history.  Nothing can put you directly in […]

As we find spring approaching, everyone begins to revel at the notion of warmer and longer days to enjoy.  We have a wood burning fireplace at The Hollow for our source of heat, and I can honestly tell you my flippers start getting tired from stacking, chopping and carrying wood for 11 months straight, and […]