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The vibrant colors of spring are always a harbinger of the pending season.  With warmer temperatures just around the corner, life is found to be springing forth from everywhere.  Today we are heading back to one of our very favorite treasures in the Cowichan Valley St. Peter’s Quamichan Anglican Church as the beautiful spring flowers […]

Standing tall and grand right in the heart of Victoria, BC is the landmark building Christ Church Cathedral.  Today’s post marks the beginning of a new series within a series called “Christ Church Cathedral” which is part of our running long-term project called “The Anglican Church Project“.  As we continue to work on this project […]

Our love for Vancouver Island is no secret, that’s for sure.  We are lucky enough to call this wonderful island home, and we just love living in the picturesque Cowichan Valley.  Even after having lived here for years now, we still find and learn about new treasures in the area.  In today’s post we’re going […]

Our ongoing adventures photographing and sharing the Anglican Churches here on Vancouver Island continues in today’s post as we feature The Anglican Parish of St. Peter and St. Paul.  Our latest running photoblog series “The Anglican Church Project” is one that we are working on with the Anglican Diocese of BC that finds us visiting […]

Life wasn’t easy at all in the mid 1800’s here on Vancouver Island for the settlers.  The landscape is very rugged, and vast distances existed between farms and homesteads.  This makes these stories all the more incredible.  In today’s post we are going to visit an absolutely wonderful little Anglican church hidden in the farms […]

Churches are much more than just the materials used to create them, they are important parts of our communities and take on a deeper meaning for the welfare of the people they serve.  As we begin our latest photography project working with the Anglican Diocese of BC, we are invited to visit and immerse ourselves […]

As we continue to photograph buildings of heritage significance here on Vancouver Island, one of the questions that keeps popping up time and time again is “did you get inside?”  This is a fair question, and one we wish we could always answer with a resounding yes, but this isn’t always possible.  Sometimes the facilities […]

Dreams are the fuel for goals.  It’s that desire to see our dreams come true that drives many of us to do the things we do in life.  No matter how odd or strange a dream may be to someone, the beholder sees something personal and meaningful.  Mrs. Toad and I have a dream like […]

Our love for the heritage and history of Vancouver Island runs deep, and it seems we are continuously finding wonderful things to photograph and learn about.  The Courtenay/Comox area of Vancouver Island is a place we don’t visit often enough, and when we get a chance to we really enjoy capturing a bit of the […]

Today’s photoblog post finds us at a location that we didn’t previously know even existed.  One of our prime loves here at The Hollow is architecture, especially if it has a historic or heritage meaning behind it, as it most certainly does today.  We’re going to look at St. Andrews Church at Cowichan Station, on […]