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We are avid fans of great architecture, particularly architecture from years past that has left an indelible mark on the community it lives in.  We find that when you enjoy these buildings from the outside frequently you are left wondering what they look like inside.  And in many cases what you find is not what […]

The thick cobwebs hung like curtains on the walls. Colonies of bats filled the corners of the room like dark shadows. A stark sliver of light ran across the floor, bathing the room in an eerie glow. The air, damp and heavy, stood completely still as if the entire room was holding its breath. These […]

Right in the heart of our beloved city lies one of our most treasured facilities, that is Christ Church Cathedral.  The building we cherish and enjoy in the city is actually the 3rd building on site; the first one constructed in 1856 burned to the ground on the night of September 30, 1869, and the […]

Standing tall and grand right in the heart of Victoria, BC is the landmark building Christ Church Cathedral.  Today’s post marks the beginning of a new series within a series called “Christ Church Cathedral” which is part of our running long-term project called “The Anglican Church Project“.  As we continue to work on this project […]