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As we continue to work on our personal projects here at Toad Hollow, we find that some of these projects leave us with a distinct sense of the profound.  This is especially true in regard to our project we refer to as “The Anglican Church Project“.  This exciting undertaking finds us visiting all of the […]

As we continue our long-running photography project dubbed “The Anglican Church Project” here on Vancouver Island, we find ourselves visiting parishes all over the island and the surrounding Gulf Islands photographing the buildings and their surroundings.  Each church is unique and does a wonderful job of representing the local community they serve.  Each one exhibits […]

We were recently assigned a visit to St. George’s Anglican Church located in the heart of Cadboro Bay, a tiny community in the city of Victoria, British Columbia here on Vancouver Island.  The Cadboro Bay community is a wonderful place to visit as it sits by the ocean.  Here you will find delightful landscapes and […]

The trip lasted 3 days, but it left a mark on our very spirits that will follow us the rest of our days.  Vancouver Island is an amazing and very special place on earth, with no end to the discoveries that can be made.  The tallest mountains, the most beautiful oceans, beaches that go on […]

The wonderful community of Oak Bay sits just outside the downtown core of Victoria and plays host to some of our most lovely heritage homes and buildings, and forms an integral part of the history of the city itself.  In today’s post we find ourselves continuing our long-running photoblog series “The Anglican Church Project” with […]

It’s been a mild winter here on the west coast in comparison to what everyone else seems to be facing in North America. Still, the temperatures are a bit cool and the lingering damp in the air has a way of cutting right through to the bone, leaving you chilled. Right after the New Year […]

We are avid fans of great architecture, particularly architecture from years past that has left an indelible mark on the community it lives in.  We find that when you enjoy these buildings from the outside frequently you are left wondering what they look like inside.  And in many cases what you find is not what […]

As we continue to work on our long-term project documenting all the Anglican churches in the Anglican Diocese of BC, we are finding that this project is much more than simply photographing all the lovely facilities. It’s also a personal journey of discovery for us. There are most certainly commonalities amongst the various facilities, but […]

The thick cobwebs hung like curtains on the walls. Colonies of bats filled the corners of the room like dark shadows. A stark sliver of light ran across the floor, bathing the room in an eerie glow. The air, damp and heavy, stood completely still as if the entire room was holding its breath. These […]

Right in the heart of our beloved city lies one of our most treasured facilities, that is Christ Church Cathedral.  The building we cherish and enjoy in the city is actually the 3rd building on site; the first one constructed in 1856 burned to the ground on the night of September 30, 1869, and the […]