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All too often these days we find ourselves shocked to discover another link to our past is gone.  Dwindling budgets for things related to heritage are having a notoriously negative effect, and the overall economy being what it is dictates that contemporary developers have to consider costs and profits when taking on projects.  These factors […]

We find ourselves amidst a very difficult time in the world; a time of loss, a time of poverty and a time of forlorn hope.  It is in times like these that stories of inspiration and perseverance become even more meaningful as a way for us all to find that inner beacon of hope that […]

Today’s story is one of hope and renewal.  Sometimes in life, the most seemingly random events can lead to truly wonderful adventures.  A chance finding of an old, abandoned school quickly turned into a story of hope and renewal, and new-found friends. This post is a follow-up story to our two previous posts “School’s Out” […]

Welcome back to The Hollow today, folks, we really appreciate your visit!  Today’s photoblog post finds us wrapping up yesterday’s post “School’s Out” that discussed the Cowichan Station Rural Traditional School, its history, and its current state. It’s to be expected that as Halloween approaches (is it really October already?) and fall sets in, we […]

We’re going to take a brief break today and tomorrow from our running series at the BC Forestry Discovery Centre we’ve been posting this week to take a look at some local heritage architecture.  Today’s photoblog post is going to showcase the now abandoned Cowichan Station Rural Traditional School on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. Cowichan […]