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Many who know me know that I am young at heart, and that this constant desire to never grow up sometimes takes me on journeys of whimsical recollection as I immerse myself in a setting that was important in my youth.  I do this frequently and I can honestly say that Mrs. Toad puts up […]

The constant and steady erosion of our heritage is unfolding right in front of our eyes.  Have we become so forward-thinking, there’s little appetite left for our past?  Is it really a cost issue, and if so what is the cost of losing all our history, relegating it to musty books in libraries somewhere that […]

Today we mark the beginning of a new project here at Toad Hollow Photography, one that speaks to a subject that is so very important to us.  The heritage and associated architecture of our beloved Vancouver Island are in a constant state of dynamic change, and with this comes a bevy of issues; some good […]