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Even though Vancouver Island’s post-colonization history only encompasses the last 150 odd years or so, we do have quite a rich heritage to take in and enjoy.  Our buildings may not be thousands of years old as they are in old Europe, but many of them benefit from architectural cues derived from homes and buildings […]

This summer we invested in some new camera gear, a Canon 6D camera and lens.  Shortly after getting it my friend ehpem, who hosts a terrific photoblog called “burnt embers“, and I got together to explore the inherent beauty found in the castle and gardens located at the Hatley Park National Historic Site in Victoria.  […]

This has been such a great series to bring to you and the response has been incredible!  We thank everyone so very much for all your kindness & support, and it’s with a tinge of sadness that we wrap up this great series today on Hatley Park Castle.  Today we are going to take a […]

Today’s post is the second to last one in our continuing series of photos from Hatley Park Castle.  We’ve had a total blast bringing you this series and quite honestly the response from everyone has been overwhelming!  Thank you all, we really appreciate it!!  Without further ado, let’s wander into the gardens together, shall we? […]

OK, I might be having too much fun with this series this week!  I think I’ve mentioned before that I love turrets, and any castle worth it’s keep definitely has some of those.  Today we come around from the back of the castle to the front. This image is a 13 bracket HDR image.  The […]

We continue our adventure of exploring the Hatley Park Castle today, and today we take a look at some interesting features of the site and facility.  Nestled in some nooks and crannies, we find these wonderful items…  they require you to look for them, but once found they present a wonderful opportunity to capture an […]

Today’s post finds us continuing our new series showcasing the wonderful Hatley Park Castle.   As mentioned in yesterday’s post, this castle eventually was purchased by the federal government and has been converted to Royal Roads Military College.  Eventually it became a private college, as far as I know, civilians can now take courses at this […]

We’re kicking off a brand new series titled “A Toad In The Turret” here this week.  This series showcases a wonderful castle that eventually became the Royal Roads Military College.  The castle was designed and built by the Dunsmuir family in the early 1900’s.  This family started in the coal industry and eventually became a […]