Posted: 12th September 2016 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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Enchantment comes in many forms, it can be found in the mundane and it can be found in the magical.  There is a spot on Vancouver Island called Fairy Lake, just outside of Port Renfrew on the west coast that has such magic.  In it is a tree unlike any other I have ever seen, one that has beckoned us time and time again to capture in photography.

Fairy Lake - Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Fairy Lake – Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

We’ve found ourselves exploring the island from top to bottom this year, and through this process we have still made time to photograph things that are very meaningful to us.  You may or may not believe in magic, and when it comes to things like this wonderful tree growing out of a dead trunk in the middle of a lake it’s really hard not to.

Fairy Lake - Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Fairy Lake – Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

As the years pass, the water level rises and falls depending on the season and the local weather, yet somehow this tree remains.  It’s a symbol to us, one that speaks to the magic of life itself.  Just like the proverbial Phoenix who rose from the flames, this tiny tree stands firm as a testament to resilience.  Born from the ashes of those who came before it, it never seems to change size or shape, it just is.  The years pass us by, but for this tree it’s as if only a sliver of time has gone by.

We believe there is something to be learned here.  Perhaps a little profound, perhaps a little uncertain, the future for us all remains to be seen, yet if you stand tall and proud and certain of your being time becomes an irrelevant entity, only marking milestones and events.  It means nothing beyond that.

These are certainly deep thoughts, ones that are only fleeting to me as I hold no degree in philosophy.  Yet every time we travel this particular road and pass Fairy Lake, we take pause and admire this little tree who refuses to bow down.  Perhaps we can all find inspiration here.

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  1. avatar Edith Levy says:

    Resilience at its best. What a great spot Toad.

  2. avatar Lisa Gordon says:

    First and foremost, this is just beautiful, and second, I was in Boston a couple of weeks ago, and took a photograph very much like this! Mine is a tiny sapling growing out of a rotting pier on Boston Harbor.

    I think that the name of the lake that “your” tree is on, is simply perfect.

    Wishing both of you a wonderful evening.

    • Thank you ever so much Lisa, that really means a lot to us! I’d love to see your image of the tree in the rotting pier! Isn’t nature just wonderful that way it works? Cheers my friend!!

  3. Lord I love this shot, well done and fabulous eye as always, Bravo

  4. Seeing this vision in passing at different times of day and year feels like a beautifully magic moment every time. I remember the little tree since forever. Very nice capture here.