Blue Morning

Posted: 23rd February 2016 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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As a photographer, I am finding myself out and about much more frequently in the early mornings taking advantage of the ethereal mood and natural light that is expressed this time of day.  Each morning and evening just before the sun appears or disappears a type of light that is perfect for photography arrives, often referred to as the “blue hour” by natural light photographers.  The shots we are sharing here today in this post were both taken during the blue hour in the Cowichan Valley this winter.

Early Morning - Cowichan Bay In The Blue Hour, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Early Morning – Cowichan Bay, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

This shot was captured in one of our favorite photo destinations, Cowichan Bay.  This tiny community sits right on the shores of the bay and is host to countless boats and marine scenes, all adding to the overall aesthetic and feel of the area.  Accent this with the beautiful blue light found in the very early morning, and you have the perfect setting for an ethereal mood.  I stood here on the frozen shores, watching as the light slowly crept up on the horizon, waiting for the right moment when the light in the sky was balanced perfectly with the ambient scene.  The only sound I heard was that of the countless birds that live in the Cowichan Estuary as they flew low over the water as their day began, their wingtips caressing the top of the water leaving streaks of motion behind.  Not only was the setting itself magical, but it also provided me a welcome reprieve from the busy trappings of the regular day, creating the perfect setting for a personal meditation of sorts as my spirit blended in seamlessly with the wonders I found myself immersed in.

Early Morning - Mt Prevost In The Blue Hour, Duncan, Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Early Morning – Mt Prevost, Duncan, Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

This shot was captured a few weeks later in the early part of February.  An early season of clear skies has found this time of year to take on a semblance of spring with crisp and clean air and a stillness that can only be found now.  The temperatures still drop quite drastically (for our area) this time of year, and a rainfall in the town of Duncan overnight resulted in a dusting of snow high atop Mount Prevost which sits just outside the city.  There are few spots in town where this mountain isn’t plainly visible, almost creating a feeling of being watched by an ambivalent spirit from all corners of the community.  Everyone in the area has some personal connection to this dramatic mountain, and I am certainly no exception.  I also loved the crisp white farmhouse the sits at the base of the mountain in this picture, creating a terrific anchor point for the shot.

As we get older, I find it increasingly difficult to hearken to the morning alarm and get myself out of the comfortable bed that has sanctioned a blissful night of dreams to face the cold and stark morning.  But, it is also a chance to spend some personal time with my surroundings, and it also gives me wonderful landscapes to explore and capture.  Sometimes in life you have to experience the uncomfortable to find that which you so desperately seek.  In some ways this can be looked at as a general metaphor for life, I think.

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  1. avatar Don Barton says:

    You’ve done it again, Toad; photos that convey the tranquility of the beautiful Salish Sea side of Vancouver Island. As I contemplated the scenes captured, I could “hear” the gulls and gentle lapping of the water against the shoreline, and “smell” the decaying seaweed that rolled along under the rising tide. Thanks for these photos.

    • Gee, thank you so much Don, that really means a lot to us! We really appreciate you popping by and commenting with these great thoughts that I am sure all our readers will enjoy!! Cheers, good sir!

  2. I love this blue morning image. Feels very peaceful and like something you might stare out at with a giant cup of java in your hand. Well done Toads.

  3. avatar Andy Hooker says:

    An excellent piece of evocative writing, Toad. Sometimes it’s nice to be able share special experiences with another person, but to be out in the quiet of the early morning on one’s own without another person providing a running commentary is one of life’s great experiences.

    • It sounds like you have moments like this too, Andy, at least I sure hope so. Thank you from the very bottoms of our hearts for popping by and commenting today, it really means a lot!

  4. avatar Lisa Gordon says:

    I can so identify with what you say here. I have always been a morning person, so getting up early comes without issue for me, but like you, sometimes I just like to be alone with my surroundings, and for me the morning is the absolute best time for that. I truly believe that I would choose morning light over even the most wonderful sunset.

    Love these blues!

  5. avatar Edith Levy says:

    Beautiful Toad. The first image is simply stunning.

  6. avatar Len Saltiel says:

    Love the mood in these photos Toad. I feel your pain about getting up early but it is so worth it when you get the shots.

    • Thank you so much Len, coming from you that means an awful lot! I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who prefers the warmth of bed but at times is driven to get up and out to grab that “killer” shot. I’m in good company, it would seem. 🙂 Thanks Len!

  7. Love those clouds in that first shot, awesome, makes me wanna go for a soda : )

  8. avatar Stacy Butera says:

    Beautiful first image. Lovely mood to this photo, so tranquil!