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Posted: 14th December 2015 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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We’ve all got spots that we tend to go to for solace, for a moment’s tranquility and peace.  When my mom became ill in the late 1970’s and we moved out to Vancouver Island, I found my spot quickly and came back often for moments of introspection.  This spot is both one of Vancouver Island’s best kept secrets at the same time it’s a must-see for everyone who lives or visits here.

Goldstream Park Waterfall - Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Goldstream Park Waterfall – Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

This is the waterfall hidden on the west side of the highway at Goldstream Park, located just outside of Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island.  Surrounded by large mountains, this waterfall is carved out of the rocks after untold thousands of years of water have slowly etched it away.  Each season it takes on a completely different personality.  There are times in the summer when the waterfall is barely a trickle.  Other times it’s an incredible torrent.

This shot hides the true scale and size of the falls.  They are massive.  The tree trunks we see lining the canyon at one time reached for the very skies, and today they look like tiny toothpicks perched against a wonderful natural feature.  It’s always somewhat dark here, the mountains and canyons that surround these falls tend to block out a lot of light.  I have no doubt this is one of the reasons it’s so lush and green in here.

We took this short video clip to show you the true size and power of these falls.  Click here to see this video in fullscreen.  If you look closely, you will see two brave souls exploring the general area in the right part of the frame.  They will give you a great idea on the true magnitude of these falls.

Thank you for your kind visit to The Hollow today, we really do appreciate it.  As always, we love to hear from all our visitors, so please feel free to leave us any comments you may have below.

  1. avatar Don Barton says:

    Wow this truely is a secret place.

    We’ve visited this place many years ago, but have never seen this waterfall. When you called it massive, I thought you were exaggerating. Not until I viewed the video clip did I get the scale of the place. I think this is a situation where a photo needs a person in the frame to grasp the scale involved here. The two guys in the video provide that.

    I think the chap inching his way along damp moss-covered rock is asking for trouble; that’s an accident waiting to happen.

    Thanks again for adding another place to my “must visit list”.

    • It’s always such a huge highlight for us when you pop by to visit Don, thank you so much. I was thinking the same thing about the brave fellow who was traversing those rocks; I think I might have willed him to stay perched safely I was so concerned!! Thanks a ton for visiting and sharing your thoughts here, we really appreciate it!

  2. avatar Edith Levy says:

    Beautiful Toad…I’d love to visit.

  3. avatar ehpem says:

    Toad this is a lovely perspective to shoot from and a really nice picture as a result.
    I have a long history with this spot. In an earlier life I worked briefly as an entomologist and had a year long collecting program in Goldstream Park. I was collecting fauna that reside in litter mat and moss and rotten wood and so on, and one of my collection locales was the base of this waterfall since it is a wetter microenvironment. Thus I came here every week or two for a year from 1974-75 to make collections.
    Since then I visit from time to time, and in fact have a bunch of photographs in my archive from my last visit that I have been meaning to get onto my blog.
    I know this as Niagara Creek, and thus the falls as Niagara Creek Falls. But I am not sure if that is the legal name of the creek.

    • What a terrific bit of anecdotal information ehpem, thanks for taking the time to visit and for sharing your comments!!! I had no idea it was named as such. I also used to love visiting the train trestle that is up the mountain further, but with my health being what it is of late I just can’t make that trek anymore. At any rate, I just love to visit this spot, even today. Thanks so very kindly for visiting and sharing these comments that I know everyone will appreciate ehpem!

  4. Wow, the video really puts it into perspective, what a beautiful place

  5. avatar LensScaper says:

    The video really provides the sense of scale, Toad. This looks like primordial forest where time has stood still.

  6. avatar Frank King says:

    Nice one. I’m putting this on my photo bucket list. 🙂

    • If you do come Frank, please let us know so we can get together!! You may need a private guide to take you to this spot, just drop us a line!! 😉 Thanks so much for taking the time to visit and comment, we really appreciate it!