It is often said that one person cannot change the world.  And while many may believe it to be true, apparently no one thought to tell Major James MacFarlane.

A land owner on Vancouver Island in the early days of the twentieth century, fuelled by Irish whiskey and sheer determination, he took the government of the day to task to get a road built connecting Victoria to Mill Bay.  After surveying it himself, he saw it completed in 1911 and was the first to drive a buggy over the new scenic and often harrowing new road.

The Malahat and a Nepal Fundraiser to Help Earthquake Victims

The Malahat –

Archive Photo of the Malahat

Archive Photo of the Malahat

Archive Photo of the Malahat

Archive Photo of the Malahat

One Man’s Dream-The History of the Malahat Highway” is a hilarious look at how unwavering persistence and a personality as large as life really can change the world, or at least a small part of it!

Archive Photo of the Malahat

Archive Photo of the Malahat

On June 3rd, 2015, at the Island Savings Centre Theatre in Duncan, B.C., come and treat yourself and your friends and family to a night of laughter and delight as you tag along with Major MacFarlane on his zany adventures.  You will never look at the Malahat highway the same ever again!

One Man's Dream and a Nepal Fundraiser to Help Earthquake Victims

One Man’s Dream

And if one great story just isn’t enough, a second feature, “Seventy-One Years, The Loss and Discovery of Avro Anson L7056” will leave you wondering what happened when a WWII fighter plane took off with a four man crew from Pat Bay airport and vanished, only to be discovered 71 years later by a logging crew near Lake Cowichan.

Seventy-One Years and a Nepal Fundraiser to Help Earthquake Victims

Seventy-One Years

And if that’s not enough good stuff for one night, this gala evening is part of a fund raising effort by Director Nick Versteeg to help those who’s lives have been devastated by the recent earthquakes in Nepal.  Having experienced the earthquake firsthand when he was working on a new documentary in Nepal, he feels compelled to help those who have lost everything.  This is a fabulous opportunity to support an excellent cause, knowing that every cent will go directly to the people who need it to rebuild their communities and their lives.

Tickets for this exciting double-feature offered by DV Media and the Mill Bay/Malahat Historical Society are available by calling the Cowichan Performing Arts Centre at 250-748-7529 or on-line here.

More information about the local history of Mill Bay/Malahat can be found at

Hope to see you on June 3rd!

  1. avatar ehpem says:

    Those are very interesting shots of the Malahat – now I know where it’s reputation came from. I grew up hearing how bad the road is, and all those stories that still linger when really now it is not all that bad with modern cars and lots of widening and straightening.

    • It’s a terrific story, one with many layers to it for sure, ehpem! Mrs. Toad sends her regards and appreciates you popping by today and leaving these great comments, many thanks my friend!