Quiescent Possibilities

Posted: 20th May 2015 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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It is often said that one man’s garbage is another man’s gold.  For some people a scene like this appears to hold something that is better left to the auto wreckers.  Other people, like me, see an endless sea of possibility.

Old Classic Truck In Garage - Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Old Classic Truck In Garage – Vancouver Island, BC, Canada –

Whether you are a purist at heart and can only imagine this gem restored and returned to its original glory, or you are a hot rodder with a wild heart who sees the ultimate platform for a modern fuel-injected powerplant with modern suspension and brakes, and air conditioning and stereo system, this truck embodies an indelible sense of endless possibility.  I love both concepts and would be happy to see this truck turned into one of the two options.

Have you found any treasures on your adventures that might have been considered to be garbage to some?  Please do share your stories with us below in the comments section, we love to hear from all our visitors!!

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  1. avatar ehpem says:

    Well, you don’t want to get me going Toad since as an archaeologist finding treasure amongst ancient garbage is how I earn my living. I have found parts of Model Ts in excavations, and a Gumby once as well. But mostly I deal with much older stuff than this wonderful truck waiting for TLC.

    • 🙂 OK, ehpem, you have all the fun, it’s now official! We LOVE old items like this and the ones you mention here in terms of your vocational adventures!! Thank you SO much for popping by and sharing your comments and insights like this, it really means an awful lot to us!!

  2. avatar Spencer says:

    Hi Toads…

    The thing you two find to capture and allow us to take the story journey with you is amazing. Yes… the possibilities with this garage are visible to me as well.

    Reminds of something once lost and now found and re-purposed.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Spencer McDonald

    • It’s always a huge highlight for us when you pop by for a visit, Spencer, and your comments are always just wonderful! Thank you from the very bottoms of our hearts here!!

  3. avatar Lisa Gordon says:

    I am with the endless sea of possibility here, and what a beauty this is.
    My camera and I could have so much fun with this one. 🙂

    • Thank you ever so kindly, Lisa, that truly means the world to us!! Perhaps one day if the stars all align we could explore a garage or barn like this together with our cameras!! Many thanks for your kind visit!

  4. avatar Len Saltiel says:

    Love the cool car and how its color contrasts beautifully with the garage. Terrific Toad.

  5. avatar Edith Levy says:

    I haven’t found a treasure as cool as that lately. Great find Toad and image.