A Pastel Sunset

Posted: 24th March 2015 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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As I stood atop Split Rock Lookout at the crest of the Malahat Highway, the sun began to drift below the horizon behind me.  As the moments ticked by, the temperatures dropped and a frigid feel began to accompany the sense of wonder I had while I patiently waited for the moment I had come to witness.  The moment the sun descended for the day and the blue tones of dusk permeated the entire landscape in a luscious palette of colors that can truly only be found in nature.

Mount Baker - A Pastel Sunset - Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Mount Baker at sunset – Vancouver Island, BC, Canada –

During my wait I was presented with such a lovely scene, one I knew was a fleeting moment and was soon to disappear forever.  Each sunset is like a fingerprint, it’s unique and it truly only belongs to one entity, in this case a day.  Far off in the distance, the majestic peak of Mount Baker looms on the horizon.  The layers of landscape between this vantage and Mount Baker serve to add context to this landscape, but they also mask the true scale and distances involved in this vista; Mount Baker is many miles away from where I stood yet it remains one of the key elements breaking the lines of the horizon as the snow-covered peaks thrust towards the heavens.

In the near distance we see the local ferry, I believe this to be the Brentwood Ferry, that shuttles locals and visitors alike between Brentwood Bay and Mill Bay.  There is just so much to take in with scenes like this on Vancouver Island, an endless myriad of details, features and items of delight and wonder.  This is our home, a place we choose to live in above all others, and it never disappoints with grand views like this one.

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  1. avatar Don Barton says:

    Toad, this is a great shot and a story well told.

    I calculated that the distance from the lookout on the Malahat to Mt. Baker is about 130k which helps put some scale to this vista.

    Do I detect the sun is still reflecting directly off the top of Mt Baker which is 3286m above sea level?

    As usual, my friend, nice work!

    • Thank you SO much Don, what awesome comments you have left here for everyone to enjoy!!! I knew it was a lot further off than it appeared, but didn’t know it was THAT far. 🙂 Indeed, there’s some scale for you, eh? And yep, that is the last vestige of the sun on the top of the peak there, I was up at Split Rock for an hour and a half grabbing shots and compositions. This particular scene lasted less than 3 minutes and it was gone… Thank you so much for your continued friendship and support, Don, it really really means a lot to me here!

  2. avatar Edith Levy says:

    This has such a peaceful and ethereal quality. Lovely Toad.

  3. avatar Lisa Gordon says:

    This is truly magnificent!
    What a beautiful view you had.

  4. Wow what a view,awesome shot and great blends of colors

  5. avatar Len Saltiel says:

    This is a great vantage point and the soft light and Mount Baker are killer Toad.