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The Tiny Train Station

Posted: 25th February 2015 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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This is a place we’ve been many times before.  It’s a place that changes with the seasons and the light, revealing different facades and character with each visit.  It’s a place steeped in history for Vancouver Island, one that today remains a landmark in the Cowichan Valley. We never cease to be amazed at how […]

Time seems to have a funny way of always running forward.  You can imagine my surprise the other day when I was going through some of the pictures I have here waiting to be processed to find an entire set of images captured at the Duncan Antique Truck Show in the summer of 2013 at […]

You can most certainly thank the lovely Mrs. Toad for the title on today’s post.  We have a 1 in 7 chance it’s accurate, too!  On that note, you should probably pop back around on Friday.  After a hectic work-week, a visit to the bright and happy town of Cowichan Bay may just be what […]

While Liza Minnelli rightfully sang about life being a cabaret, this Saturday, February 7th, at The Bay Centre in beautiful downtown Victoria, life was a masquerade! A Fairy Tale Masquerade Wedding, that is. Complete with lively music, lovely brides and decadent food. And of course, a veritable wedding! If you were one of the many […]

At Toad Hollow, We Celebrate Love

Posted: 2nd February 2015 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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Life is not measured in minutes, but in memories… Today at Toad Hollow Photography we are excited to share with you our new website launch: may we please introduce you to Toad Hollow Wedding Photography!  Today’s announcement is the direct result of many weeks of hard work done by Mrs. Toad and I, as well […]

Big News At The Hollow

Posted: 1st February 2015 by ToadHollowPhoto in Coming Soon, Photography
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Monday, February 2nd, 2015 will be a big day here at Toad Hollow.  We will be unveiling and officially launching a new website we’ve been working on with the terrific people at Zuk Design for the last few weeks.  It’s a great new site dedicated to showcase our love of photography and the professional services […]