Even though Vancouver Island’s post-colonization history only encompasses the last 150 odd years or so, we do have quite a rich heritage to take in and enjoy.  Our buildings may not be thousands of years old as they are in old Europe, but many of them benefit from architectural cues derived from homes and buildings in that part of the world.  One of our more famous locations is Hatley Park Castle, a place we’ve covered many times before in our photoblog series “A Toad In The Turret“.

Hatley Park Castle - Victoria BC Canada

Hatley Park Castle – Victoria BC Canada –

This is yet another one of those places that takes on a different character with each visit.  The time of year, the light, it all converges here and plays with the old stone facade to cast different feelings and faces to a storied place just outside of Victoria, BC.  Our previous posts cover some of the rich history that features the famous family, the Dunsmuirs, and the indelible mark they left here on the island during the time of colonization.

Hatley Park Castle - Victoria BC Canada

Hatley Park Castle – Victoria BC Canada –

As you continue your way up the walking path towards the castle, a terrific scene comes into focus.  Here we see the incredible stonework of the castle and some of the fine architectural details that make it so special.  You can easily imagine ladies in long dresses enjoying a lovely day overlooking the gardens and the ocean in the distance.  Today these experiences are available to everyone as the castle itself sits on a park that is publicly accessible.  If ever you find yourself in the area we highly recommend a personal visit.  No matter what time of year you come, you will be enchanted by this place that almost seems to hold a magical aura to it, right in the heart of a burgeoning city.

Topaz Glow


Topaz Glow

We’d like to take this opportunity to tell you about a brand new product from our friends at Topaz Labs!!  They have just released a new post-processing tool called “Topaz Glow” that comes with over 70 terrific new filters built right in!

From Topaz Labs:

Glow can be used as a stand-alone or a plugin to transform your photos from dull to dazzling. Containing more than 70 unconventional and quirky filters, you can infuse your images with neon, graphic, liquid and other electrifying effects.

The technology behind Glow seeks out the unexplored lines and patterns in your images and illuminates them.

We’ve also posted a brief Topaz Glow Introduction that covers the key features for you to download and review.  Topaz Labs is an industry leader in both the tools they create for photographers to use in post-production, as well as creating great learning content and delivering world-class customer support for after sales questions.  We use Topaz Labs tools in every image we create here at Toad Hollow Photography.

  1. avatar Len Saltiel says:

    I love these old castles Toad. We have one in the CT river valley that is somewhat similar. It has been hard to keep up with all of these plug-ins. This sort of looks like the results from Fractalius (a plug-in that is only available for Windows). Have you used Fractalius and are the results similar?

    • I haven’t heard of Fractalius before to be honest, Len, we use a Mac system at home these days so that does somewhat limit my choices. Thanks so much for your kind visit and comments here today, it always means a lot to us when you pop by!

  2. Great post Toad, old castles are a treasure, great job!

  3. avatar Edith Levy says:

    Excellent post Toad. What beautiful images. I haven’t tried Glow yet but that’s on my to-do list tonight.

  4. avatar LensScaper says:

    That’s a handsome facade, Toad. And a very useful link to this new Topaz plug-in which seems to build on the potential evident in Simplify, and Clean (curly smooth particularly) and also goes way beyond what is achievable using Photoshop’s§ Glowing Edge.