There are as many variations of custom cars as there are enthusiasts who design and build them.  I think that’s one of the best parts about being a “car guy”, there’s always something out there to tickle your fancy no matter what your preference or taste is.  Now that summer is just a fleeting thought far behind us in our rear-view mirror, we can think of no better time than now to reflect upon the summer and look at pictures that remind us of warmer times.  In today’s post we are continuing our running photoblog series “Warmlands Show n Shine 2014” and we’re going to feature a stunning classic Model A Ford Hot Rod.

Classic Ford Hot Rod - Duncan, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Classic Ford Hot Rod – Duncan, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada –

As those who know me well will attest, I am a filing cabinet full of largely useless information when it comes to cars.  My mom used to say to me that the first words I ever uttered were “vrrrroooooooom!!” and I can honestly say at this point in my life I have never outgrown that.  I believe the whole thing is in my blood; my love for cars is something truly inherent in me that forms a part of who I am.  But when it comes to classics of this era, I am going to have to admit that I am less of an expert.  Even with that being said, I know what I like…  and I like this!

Classic Ford Hot Rod - Duncan, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Classic Ford Hot Rod – Duncan, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada –

When it comes to custom hot rods like this classic truck, it’s far from unusual to find a Ford or Dodge with a Chevrolet drive-train.  I am pretty sure that’s what we are looking at here, a small block Chevy V8 that has been transplanted into this simply stunning Ford body.  Ford V8 engines have their distributors located at the front of the engine, and Chevrolet has theirs at the back.  In this shot we can see the plug wires routing by the firewall leading me to believe this is a Chevy power-plant.  Check out the chrome on this baby; I am not sure the mirror in our bathroom could provide a better reflection for shaving than the one we see here.  The entire engine-bay is so clean, you could eat right off it…  the prep work that goes into preparing a vehicle like this for a show would melt your mind.  No bolt or no piece of trim goes unpolished, and the results speak for themselves in all the spots we find the sun glinting off the surfaces.

Classic Ford Hot Rod - Duncan, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Classic Ford Hot Rod – Duncan, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada –

Check out the width of the tires on the back.  You’d really need a footprint that wide when trying to scurry down the road or track, anything that is narrower than this gauge would result in vociferous melting of the rubber as the truck tries it’s very best to find traction to get all that luscious V8 power hooked up and to the ground.  These are all terrific problems to have if you love cars.  There is no wrong answer here.

So as winter descends upon us all here on Vancouver Island, let’s look forward to next summer when these beasts find their ways out of the garages and warehouses they all call home to, and once again roam our streets free.

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  1. avatar Jimi Jones says:

    Man, I’m right there with you on sports cars and hot rods. This is truly a treasure. To think of the time, effort and resources that went into this makes one’s head spin.

    Great shots and a great share, Toad!

  2. avatar Edith Levy says:

    LOL…now that’s what I call Hot Pink. Great shots Toad.

  3. avatar Lois Bryan says:

    That is a beauty!!!!! Great capture!!! Controlling that color in that much bright light can’t have been easy!!! Well done!!!

  4. Sweet ride for sure, great post, love the color of that beast, awesome as always!

  5. avatar Lisa Gordon says:

    What a beauty this is!!!
    I love the color too.

  6. avatar Len Saltiel says:

    You do find the coolest cars Toad. Love this although I think I would change the color.

  7. I love the vibrant colors your captured in this awesome hot rod. Really super work from the Toads once again.

  8. hot diggity!! Smoking hot car.