Celebrating 12 Years

Posted: 7th November 2014 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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Time is fleeting, this is no surprise.  What is a surprise, however, is how the years can fly by, accumulating memories and treasures all along the way.  It’s these very memories that form the fabric of the meaning of our lives, and in my case personally, it’s those memories that make me run home each and every night, excited to see the love of my life once again.  And with that, we form new memories.

An Ode To Love - Cowichan Bay, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Cowichan Bay, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada –

This picture was taken off the deck of one of our favorite places to visit in the Cowichan Valley, that is the Cow Cafe West Coast Grill.  Over the years of living in the valley, we’ve made good friends with Matt and Jenn Heyne who take just as much care in providing the wonderful dining services they provide as we do with our photography.  We’ve been many, many times, both on a commissioned basis to provide photography for their site, as well as personally just to enjoy the incredible food and ambiance that is distinctly the west coast.

My incredible wife, who we all colloquially know as the wonderful Mrs. Toad, is my pride and joy.  Some 13 odd years ago we first met and my life went from the meaningless and mundane to an existence of utter joy that I feel the need to share and express at every chance I get.  We tend to wander the island, flipper-in-flipper if you will, adventuring and exploring, and learning new things about this great place we call home, as well as new things about ourselves and each other.  This is an undying love, one that does come with strong, ironclad guarantees, for my life without her would be a life of suffering and loneliness.

So, as we take time to celebrate our 12th incredible wedding anniversary together, we find ourselves whisking away to the resort where we honeymooned at.  The days spent at the resort will be filled with all sorts of adventures, and I have no doubt we will be coming home with new stories, new memories to cherish forevermore.

As we wrap up this post today, we find ourselves hurriedly packing our bags and double-checking last minute details.  The sense of excitement has been building here for days now, and the time is nearly upon us to leave.  As we head back out to the very place we spent our honeymoon, I find it’s a good time to reflect back on the miles we’ve traveled together…  they seem fleeting, and yet the time has also passed by like a raft on the Cowichan River on a lazy summers day.  I believe these are experiences that can only be made with the one true person you love, your soul-mate if you will.

I sit here and pen this ode to my wife whom I love with all my heart and soul, and I am overwhelmed with appreciation and gratitude for all she’s given and shared with me all these years.  I cannot wait to see what the future brings, and to bear witness to the new memories we will make together.

I love you, Mrs. Toad.

  1. avatar Lois Bryan says:

    You make me smile … such warmth and love that shows in your writings in and your images, always. A hug going out to you both over the miles … congratulations on your big day and may you enjoy many, many more adventures together over the years!!!

    • Lois, our dear friend, how can we even begin to thank you for all your support, friendship and kind thoughts over the years? A heartfelt thank you, from both of us.

  2. avatar Jenny Nelson says:

    Congratulations on 12 years of a wonderful partnership, you two. We perfectly understand the profound gratitude that comes from a deep, enduring love. Our very best wishes for a lovely second honeymoon and we know that whatever you don’t record with your lens will be forever captured in your hearts. ~ Glenn and Jenny

    • You guys are some of the best friends a pair o’ Toads could possibly have!! Thank you so much Glenn and Jenny, you’re in our hearts and thoughts, and we really appreciate your kind kind wishes here today. 🙂

  3. avatar Rosa Bennett says:

    Congratulations on 12 lovely years! Nice to hear such positive vibes about the one you love.

  4. avatar Bev Oliver says:

    Our love to you both, Toad. Bev and James

    • You guys are so dear to our hearts, thank you so much for taking the time to pop on by, and for leaving your wonderful comments. 🙂 Our love right back to you both.

  5. avatar Mrs. Toad says:

    I love you too, Mr. Toad, and this is just one of the many reasons why. 🙂

  6. avatar Mrs. Mudpuppy says:

    Love to you both, you are truly meant for each other! Have a wonderful anniversary weekend away…having many “conversations” by the fire!

    • You KNOW it Mrs. Mudpuppy, we will definitely take up that challenge!! 😀 Thank you so much, both for your kind thoughts on your visit today, as well as being such an important part of Mrs. Toad and I finding each other.

  7. avatar Don Barton says:

    When I discovered your blog earlier this year, I knew I had stumbled across a special couple. Your photography and love of the Island were my clues.

    Now when I read of your devotion to Mrs Toad, I begin to understand the man behind the pen/lense. It’s a blessing to get to know you in this way.

    From this man who recently celebrated 51 years with the love of my life, I can only pray that your partnership will continue to be everything you describe after only 12 years. Congratulations!

    • Coming from you, Don, this means an awful lot to us. Many heartfelt thanks for your visit, and these absolutely wonderful thoughts. We just cannot tell you how much we appreciate it and how much it means to us. Many thanks from the bottoms of our hearts!

  8. avatar Rick Louie says:

    Congrats and Happy Anniversary!

  9. avatar Jimi Jones says:

    Congratulations to the Toads! I am so happy for the both of you and wish you many, many more decades of traveling flipper to flipper. (loved that line) LOL

    But in all seriousness, this was really an enjoyable post to read and I truly wish you both the very beat.

    Happy Anniversary!

  10. avatar Edith Levy says:

    OMG Toad that is beautiful Happy Anniversary Mr & Mrs Toad. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness.

  11. Congrats to you both!

  12. avatar Lisa Gordon says:

    A very big congratulations to both of you!
    How fortunate that you found each other.
    I wish you many, many more beautiful years together. xo.

  13. avatar Len Saltiel says:

    I am a little late for the post but I still wanted to give you both belated anniversary wishes. Your love for one another come through the blog.

  14. avatar LensScaper says:

    Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to both of you. A lovely and eloquent post to your dear wife and it has been a joy to get to know you both (thanks to Mrs Toad’s occaisonal guest posts). Sad that we are separated by so many thousands of miles. Have a great celebration.

    • We would love nothing better than to have a chance to meet one day, Andy! Many thanks for your kind and thoughtful comments here today, you are a special friend to us and we really appreciate it!

  15. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary my friend! I hope you and Mrs. Toad have a wonderful time together. And here’s wishing you guys many more beautiful memory filled years to come!

  16. avatar Jim Denham says:

    We do not know how long we will be here, so make it count! Having that one person with you along the way is so important and it’s so cool to hear people living it – thought I was the only one (not really). Congrats Toads – may the next 12 be even more exciting and adventurous as the first!

    • We are so happy to know you share in this extraordinary experience, Jim! Thanks for taking the time to come on by and leave us your thoughts here today, they really do mean the world to us. Best wishes to you and the entire Denham family, from your Canadian friends of the flippered variety!

  17. Toads – I feel your deep love for one another through your heart felt post here. Just wonderful.

    The image you posted seems to tie love to the world we live in as well. I sense peace, happiness, relaxation, and beauty in this image. Really wonderful.

    I look forward to more years of cool photos and a further developing story of deepening love.

    • You, sir, are a true scholar and a gentleman. Thank you so so much for taking the time to come visit us, and for leaving these wonderful wonderful comments behind that we are sure everyone will enjoy. Thanks Spencer, you are a true friend of us Toads and we appreciate that so much!