Every year the terrific folks at the Maple Bay Marina, just around the corner from where we live, host a widely acclaimed event called “The Wooden Boat Festival”.  For those who love everything nautical, this is a must-see event, one that finds crowds of folks coming from points all over the world to take in the big weekend.  In today’s post we continue our running photoblog feature of this years event in our series “The Hollow’s Backyard“.  Let’s check out a couple of the absolutely terrific Chris-Craft wooden boats that were on display.

Classic Chris-Craft Wooden Boat - Maple Bay, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Classic Chris-Craft Wooden Boat – Maple Bay, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada –

In the world of boating, the name Chris-Craft is synonymous with quality built wood boats.  Chris Smith, whom the company is named after, built his first wooden boat in 1874, and by 1924 the official company name was changed to Chris-Craft as we know it today.

Classic Chris-Craft Wooden Boat - Maple Bay, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Classic Chris-Craft Wooden Boat – Maple Bay, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada –

The day was slightly overcast at times and the waters were fairly still in the marina.  This really made for great photography opportunities as we walked the docks and took in all the activities that were going on.  In the distance you could hear live music being played and everywhere you looked you found folks chatting with each other, sharing their passion for these great classic boats.

Classic Chris-Craft Wooden Boat - Maple Bay, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Classic Chris-Craft Wooden Boat – Maple Bay, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada –

Classic Chris-Craft Wooden Boat - Maple Bay, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Classic Chris-Craft Wooden Boat – Maple Bay, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada –

Given the tight quarters to work in, shooting handheld is really our only option at these events, there are just so many people and boats in the marina over the weekend.  I love it when we get home and check out the shots being downloaded off the camera to try to find the real gems in the collection.  For The Wooden Boat Festival, the best shots frequently do feature Chris-Craft boats largely due to the natural beauty of their incredible woodwork.

If you happen to find yourself on Vancouver Island in time for next year’s event, we highly encourage you to come and see it in person!  It’s just one of those things that is a way better experience when had personally, and if you are into photography like we are here, you’ll fill up your memory cards in no time flat.

Many thanks for visiting us here at The Hollow today, we really appreciate it!  As always, we love to hear from all our visitors so please feel free to leave us any comments you may have below!

  1. avatar Len Saltiel says:

    Your love for everything that has a motor comes shining through Toad.

  2. avatar Lois Bryan says:

    Oh wow, do these beauties ever take me back to my childhood … gorgeous boats … thanks for the great memories of wonderful times on the Chesapeake Bay when I was a kid!

  3. avatar Joe Hudspeth says:

    I love these old wooden boats and especially the ChrisCraft’s. You did a marvelous job with these photos.

  4. avatar Rick Louie says:

    Lots of character in those wooden boats that you don’t see in today’s modern vessels. Beautiful!

  5. avatar Lisa Gordon says:

    There is definitely nothing quite like these.
    It is such a coincidence too, as just last week while my son was home on a school break, he was researching, building a wooden boat. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful images here!

  6. avatar Edith Levy says:

    Oh how I would love one of these. We were just at Harbourfront today for the air show and we were admiring the yachts and sailboats on Lake Ontario so this post is very timely. Beautifully photographed Toad.

  7. avatar Jimi Jones says:

    Man, I love these nautical events and these classic wooden boats are masterpieces of an old craft. Simply amazing, the amount of design and work that goes into these.

    You’ve captured the moment for sure, Toad. Lovely photos as always.

    We have similar events here in the east with docking contest and the like. Anything to be out living the nautical life. 🙂

  8. . . . oohhh! . . . wish I had know about this event! . . . love those beautiful boats, with the gorgeous rich woodwork . . . classic!!!

    • Happens every summer here at the Maple Bay Marina, Sher, watch for it next year and perhaps we will finally meet each other on the docks!! Thanks so much for your kind visit my friend, you made my day! 😀

  9. avatar Don Barton says:

    I love your Chris Craft story, Scott.

    I share your enthusiasm for wooden boats. My father owned a 38′ Monk McQueen designed wooden boat built in the 50’s.

    I captured this Chris Craft at the Vancouver Wooden Boat Festival last month. http://www.dpb-photos.com/2014-Photos/Granville-Island-Vancouver-BC/i-Rf3gxbW

    • I just love your work, Don! Everyone should follow your link to see your great shots!! I love how Vancouver makes such a great backdrop. It’s so wonderful to connect with a fellow wooden boat fan here like this, Don, many many thanks my friend!!!

  10. avatar Perry Bailey says:

    I love the warm tones of the wood. The craftsmanship is really something. I bet the upkeep is not for the faint of heart or shallow of wallet, though. Would be a great way to spend retirement, eh? Beautifully captured, as always Toad.

  11. Lovely! The photos really take me back. Over the years my parents owned two Chris Crafts. The first was a classic old wooden one that I spent many happy days of my childhood aboard. The other one, which came later, was a more “modern” (this was in the early 70’s so that term is relative, understand) fibreglass vessel. Both were lovely in their own ways. I still enjoy seeing older Chris Crafts. Thanks!

    • Thank you, Laurie, we always appreciate it so much when you pop by The Hollow and leave us your wonderful thoughts! These are terrific comments, my friend, many heartfelt thanks!

  12. avatar Lou Cragin says:

    I was first on a Chris Craft maybe 62 years ago when my folks took my sister and I cruising on Puget Sound and up to Desolation Sound. I will never forget the smell of it and all the other Chris Crafts I’ve either been on or owned. Since that first time I’ve a love for the wooden boats as a work of art on our local waters. So beautiful. Thanks for bringing back those memories.