Art is all about interpretation.  And when it comes to personal expression, there is no art like that of the car and motorcycle enthusiast.  Given my rather feisty reputation behind the bars of a bike like this I likely will never pilot one personally, but they still make me stop in my tracks instantly when I come across one that is obviously special.  In today’s post we’re going to take a look at a stunning custom chopper we found on display at our local “Warmlands Show n Shine 2014” this summer.  This bike grabbed my heart and imagination in one glance.

Custom Chopper - Duncan, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Custom Chopper – Duncan, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada –

To me, a motorcycle is the modern-day equivalent of a trusty steed.  It’s a companion, it’s a form of transportation, and it tells a lot about the rider in one fleeting look.

It seems to me that as we tour the local car shows, the appetite for customs appears to be growing.  I really do think these are contemporary forms of rolling art, no detail is ever overlooked and no two machines are even close to the same.  On this particular beautiful chopper, it might very well be the vibrant orange colors that draw your eye at first, but if you take some time to observe the finer details, you really begin to see a canvas take form.  Note the chrome on the trim, the wheels, that wicked front fork with a wicked rake…  the sunlight literally dances off the surfaces on a bright summers day.  The lines are flowing, like the air the bike cuts through as it makes its way across our byways and highways.  I think it’s absolutely beautiful.

Custom Chopper - Duncan, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Custom Chopper – Duncan, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada –

From the front, the combination of the dramatic reach of the forks in conjunction with the very narrow stance creates a razor-sharp line that resembles a stiletto.  The frame cuts through the air silently, even though the open pipes are not afraid to let everyone know in the immediate vicinity as to who’s here, and who’s in charge.

While although custom choppers like this one may or may not be to your personal taste, it’s really hard to argue their inherent beauty.  They have a wonderful consolidation of soft in their lines alongside the hard in their vociferous heartbeat, an almost pure definition of the term “beauty within the beast”.  It’s an allure that is much bigger than me, and one I will always heed whenever the winds of fate put me in front of a subject like this.

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  1. avatar Edith Levy says:

    You always find the coolest toys to photograph Toad. Nicely done.

  2. avatar LensScaper says:

    That is way beyond ‘Cool’, Toad. What a beautiful object of desire. Back in ’92 (I think), when we toured BC and ended up driving down Vancouver Island north to south I vividly recall getting close to Victoria and being swamped by a chapter of thirty or more Harleys that glided by. The sound was glorious. I’m not quite sure how I kept the car on the road. I once rode pillion on a friend’s Triumph bike about 45 years ago but that’s the only time I’ve been on a proper motorbike. If I were to buy one, but I’m far too old for that, it would have to be a Harley.

    • What terrific comments here, Andy, thank you so much for taking the time to both visit, and for leaving these behind for everyone to enjoy! Have a spectacular day, my friend! 🙂

  3. avatar Lisa Gordon says:

    Wow!! That is one amazing ride.
    Truly a work of art!

  4. avatar Len Saltiel says:

    Love the color on this cool looking machine Toad.