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Posted: 14th August 2014 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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When we first started Toad Hollow, I often wondered if we would eventually shoot all the interesting subjects that exist here on Vancouver Island.  Years later I can honestly say that was short-sighted.  Take Genoa Bay for instance; a lovely little marina community that is home to full and part-time residents, character-filled float homes and some of the most beautiful and interesting boats you can find.  And the best part has to be the fact it is situated right in the heart of the Cowichan Valley, making it both one of our favorite places to visit frequently, as well as one of the island’s best kept secrets.

Marine Seascape - Genoa Bay, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Marine Seascape – Genoa Bay, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada –

Grey days are quite normal here on the island.  Island-dwellers are very accustomed to living under a dark, moody sky, and in many cases this adds to the feel of the photography we capture, creating an authentic sense of what life is truly like here.  While it’s accurate to say that colors may be slightly muted and details may be less evident, the truth is this adds a needed touch of drama to the scene.

The above shot was captured just around the corner from Genoa Bay.  This tiny marina community sits at the end of a winding country road, the final destination before you are at the tip of the peninsula and surrounded by ocean.  It’s not unusual to see large container and shipping boats moored in the area.  We particularly love the way the large ship pictured here juxtaposes against its natural surroundings.  The rippled reflections from the vessel are just the finishing touch.

Marine Seascape - Genoa Bay, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Marine Seascape – Genoa Bay, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada –

From another perspective we can clearly see the nature of the small bays that dot the island, and the landscape that rises above the ocean.  These waters are deep in spots, and quite shallow in others.  Piloting a huge shipping boat through here would be an exercise in caution, to say the least.  I can thankfully say I know of no accidents since moving here in the early eighties, providing a testament to the skills and talents of the pilots and captains that make their way through the channels that surround the island.

Our hearts fill with joy every time we head out on a day of adventure like the one we had here.  Mrs. Toad and I explore the roads, taking the paths that are mostly untraveled, looking for opportunities and vistas to share.  After all, if we can share a little of our vision and experience here with you, you may be inclined to visit personally.  And if you do, prepare to be amazed.

Thank you for your kind visit today, we really appreciate it.  As always, we love to hear from all our visitors so please don’t hesitate to leave us any comments you may have below.

  1. avatar Rachel Cohen says:

    Beautiful and peaceful scenes Toad! 🙂

  2. avatar Lisa Gordon says:

    I actually, very much like the gray skies!
    This looks like a wonderful place to visit. Such a wonderfully peaceful mood.

  3. avatar Edith Levy says:

    What a beautiful place. Beautifully captured.