Vancouver Island is widely known as an important part of the global ecosystem with rainforests, incredible mountain ranges and ocean vistas that are truly breathtaking.  There are countless destinations to explore, each revealing features of the island that are unique and wonderful in their own right.  One of our very favorite places to adventure in is most definitely the Parksville/Qualicum Beach area of the island.

Qualicum Beach - Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Qualicum Beach – Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada –

The temperatures are steadily climbing as spring takes full hold here on the island now.  May showers are frequent this time of year and the tourist season has yet to transpire.  This makes for perfect opportunities to visit the miles of beaches in relative solitude.  Weeks from now as holiday goers flock to the area these beaches will be filled with people and the laughter of children playing.

We love both seasons, for different reasons.  The summer is warm and beautiful, full of activities and things to do.  The other seasons are ideal for those looking for moments of private intimacy with nature, connecting with the ocean as waves lap the shores and gulls circle overhead.  Eagles are frequently sighted in the area, making for an adventure in and of itself.

On this day the rains were relentless.  Many locals refer to this as “wet coast weather”.  The beaches were nearly deserted, giving us the opportunity to walk the shores and talk, creating a wonderful bond with each other and the gorgeous nature that surrounded us.

Fanny Bay Oysters Ltd. - Fanny Bay, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Fanny Bay Oysters Ltd. – Fanny Bay, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada –

For the adventurous, treasures are found by traveling the back-roads in the area.  This entire section of the coast of the island is dotted with wonderful cottage communities, home to character homes with a distinct west coast feel to them and local businesses that reflect the region and all it has to offer.  This is a great example of this found in one of our favorite satellite communities, known as Fanny Bay.  A burgeoning seafood industry on the island expresses its own unique character here with an old wooden raft on display near the entrance-way to Fanny Bay Oysters Ltd.

There are countless things to discover and experience on the island and we are very much looking forward to continued adventures this year in the Parksville/Qualicum Beach area.  Maybe we’ll see you up there!

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  1. avatar Edith Levy says:

    I could sure use a walk on a stretch of beach about now. Lovely images Toad.

  2. avatar Bev Oliver says:

    You’ve come out on top again with these shots, Toad. Jim and I agree that, with some, it is like looking at a beautiful painting. Love your work, Toadie, my friend.

  3. avatar Jean-Pierre Antonio says:

    Once you pass Parksville, which has really exploded into a retirement community, the old Island ambience takes over along the old scenic route. Fanny Bay and other little communities haven’t changed much and I rather prefer those places, where a cottage is still just a small and simple building, not a lumbering monolith with huge windows, the type of construction that seems to have taken over so much of the lower part of the Island. I really feel like I’m stepping back into my childhood the further up the Island I go.

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and leave these very thoughtful comments Jean-Pierre, we really appreciate it! We love connecting with people who share our love and passion for the character of the island. Thanks for the visit!

  4. avatar Len Saltiel says:

    I never tire of your journey around that wonderful island of yours Toad. You bring it to life my friend.

  5. avatar Lisa Gordon says:

    I would love to be walking on that beach.
    It looks so wonderfully peaceful.

  6. Love the leading lines in the first shot, the flowers add a nice touch as well, happy Thursday

  7. avatar LensScaper says:

    Having a place to oneself outside of the tourist season is a pleasure – and that comes over so clearly in what you write, Toad.

  8. avatar Don Barton says:

    Our good friends, Ray and Judy Haynes are the proprietors of Little Qualicum Cheese Works, along with their daughter Nancy Gourley and husband Clark together with MooBerry Winery on Morningstar Farm.

    Have you ever done a photo shoot there – I think it would be fabulous.

    Don Barton
    Melbourne, Australia

    • Hi Don! MANY thanks for popping by for a visit here, and for leaving these absolutely wonderful comments!! I have to say that I have not done a shoot at the Cheese Works you mention, but I’d LOVE to! I’m going to send you a direct note on this via email right now!! Thank you so so much for visiting and commenting, Don!!!