A Day At The Beach

Posted: 10th April 2014 by Mrs. Toad in Photography
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When you live on a fairly tiny island in the pacific ocean, everyday is a day at the beach.  It is, indeed, pretty difficult to go very far before you find yourself suddenly in paradise with an unrelenting desire to just sit down and relax!  Luckily for two tuckered toads who have literally been hopping as fast as two frogs in a blender, this one came with its own set of comfortable and welcoming chairs.

Marine Scenery - Ladysmith Marina, Ladysmith, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Marine Scenery – Ladysmith Marina, Ladysmith, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada –

Truth be told, I would have to tie Mr. Toad down to get him to stay put in one place for more time than it takes to yell “I see a great composition over there!”.    And while it is true that we have been very busy of  late, we are certainly not complaining.  One of the greatest joys of adventuring all over an island with an endless supply of perfect subjects for our lens is the wonderful people we get to meet on the other side of the camera.  And while most of them tend to be of the human variety, we do occasionally get to meet some of our less conventional neighbours which is always a delight for us but understandably not always for our new friends as some of them are downright tasty on a cracker!

Marine Scenery - Ladysmith Marina, Ladysmith, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Marine Scenery – Ladysmith Marina, Ladysmith, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada –

But for today we must rely on our bag of sandwiches as our newest friends are of the feathered variety and would surely bite back!  I am not sure if the little boats tethered close together inspired the birds to build a similar housing situation for themselves or if, in fact, it happened the other way around, but either way everyone seems content having traded less square footage inside for an endless supply of it outside.  Complete with a viewing platform offering a bird’s-eye view, this tower of apartments for hip west-coast birds exemplifies the laid-back stress-free lifestyle so many of us have come here to enjoy.

Marine Scenery - Ladysmith Marina, Ladysmith, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Marine Scenery – Ladysmith Marina, Ladysmith, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada –

As we rounded the corner in excited search of our next great shot, we came upon this new friend.  Although herons are very common in our area, we had never been so close to one before.  We realized at that pivotal moment why we had felt so compelled to take a stand against oil tankers invading our pristine coast.  It’s not about politics or economics, we’ll leave that to the good folks who are best prepared to face those types of challenges.  For a couple of unassuming toads armed with a camera, it’s simply about preserving this amazingly beautiful place and the plethora of critters who call it home.

Marine Scenery - Ladysmith Marina, Ladysmith, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Marine Scenery – Ladysmith Marina, Ladysmith, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada –


Scenery like this makes a priority of protecting great compositions for the next generation of photog-frogs, and to this cause we are toad-ally dedicated!  If you are interested in learning more about this very pressing issue, we have included some links to some really great information.  And a genuine heart-felt thanks to all of you fabulous photogs out there who tirelessly hang from buildings, get up before the birds to catch the blue hour, or lie still for hours shivering in the cold to share your wondrous vision of the beautiful world around us.  You save the world everyday with each click of the shutter.   As always, we love good conversation among good friends, so please feel free to leave your thoughts and comments for us to share!

Until next time!

Warmly, Mrs. Toad

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  1. avatar Len Saltiel says:

    Living on a beautiful island surely has a lot of perks that can be seen in these beautiful images, Mrs Toad. I long to see these types of scenes in New England but we are still about a month away. At least there is no more snow.

    • avatar Mrs. Toad says:

      I am happy to hear that you have managed to rid yourself of the snow Len, we all need a little sunshine on our shoulders now! Thank you for your comments and your visit today, it’s always such a pleasure to see you!

  2. avatar Rachel Cohen says:

    Lovely images and post Mrs. Toad! It sure is a beautiful world around us all! I hope the warm days of spring will shine down upon you and Toad very soon. 🙂

    • avatar Mrs. Toad says:

      Thank you so much for your kind wishes today Rachel, we wish you sunshine and all things happy as well! Thank you for popping by!

  3. avatar Jimi Jones says:

    What a lovely set of images, Mrs. Toad. This place looks very beautiful and inviting. Having lived on the eastern seaboard just off of the Chesapeake Bay all of my life, this wonderful island in the Pacific has a little feel of home. I would truly love to visit some day and enjoy the nautical life there.

    It must be an absolute joy for The Toads to travel about this slice of paradise, cameras in hand and capturing the natural beauty surrounding you. I’ve always found something magical about places like this, so keep the great photos coming. 🙂

    I do wish you all the greatest of luck keeping the tankers, pipelines and other threats to the lifestyle there regulated and far away. All too often “Big Oil” is willing to gamble with lands and coastlines that can be changed forever with a single accident. I won’t get too far into the weeds about this, but there is one thing that is inevitable about pipes. They leak!

    Thanks for sharing the links above.

    • avatar Mrs. Toad says:

      Thank you so much Jimi for your support for this very serious topic. We’ve just read in the news that Kitimat has voted against the tankers and pipeline, which is one of the many places that would be directly affected by this, so score one for the little guys! I hail from Montreal but lived a lot of my life in the Laurentian mountains in Quebec and find Vancouver Island frequently reminiscent of my home as well. Thank you for your kind words and visit today!

      • avatar Jimi Jones says:

        Nice to hear that Kitimat has taken a positive stand, Mrs. Toad. It’s a long battle (globally) but every step counts. 😉

        • avatar Mrs. Toad says:

          Very true indeed Jimi, it will be really interesting to see where this all goes, there are some pretty determined people here in BC committed to putting a stop to this. As you say, one step at a time!

  4. avatar Edith Levy says:

    What a wonderful post Mrs. Toad. After the winter we’ve just had in Toronto I am very tempted to pull up stakes and move to a warmer climate. Beautiful images and I love you’re feathered friends.

    • avatar Mrs. Toad says:

      Thank you Edith, I made the transition over twenty years ago and have never looked back! Montreal is a great place to visit, but like your neck of the woods it just comes with too much snow! Thanks for your visit today, it’s always so nice to see you.

  5. a wonderful world we enjoy, here on “our” Island get-away!!! . . .

    • avatar Mrs. Toad says:

      You are so right dragonflydreams88, we are indeed a lucky lot to live in such an amazing place! So nice to see you here today, thanks for popping by and sharing your thoughts!

  6. avatar LensScaper says:

    Another great post penned by your flipper, Mrs Toad. All us Photogs have an increasingly important ‘brief’ to show the beauty of the world around us in all its forms to help raise awareness of what is at risk. If we all worked as hard as you and Mr Toad do, we might just make a bit pf progress.

    • avatar Mrs. Toad says:

      A sincere thank you Andy for your kind words and for your support of this issue. I don’t doubt that you, and all of our photog friends here at the Hollow, are a huge part of showcasing the beauty all around us, and for that we toad-ally owe you all a great debt of thanks! Keep those shutters clicking!