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Paris In Springtime

Posted: 27th March 2014 by Mrs. Toad in Photography
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Beautiful terraces that spill out into the street,  bistro tables filled with warm crusty bread, richly flavoured cheeses and delicate wines, and the soft sound of laughter and friendly chatter wafting through the air might make you think that you have accidentally stumbled into Paris, but really you might just be in Cowichan Bay. We […]

Standing tall and grand right in the heart of Victoria, BC is the landmark building Christ Church Cathedral.  Today’s post marks the beginning of a new series within a series called “Christ Church Cathedral” which is part of our running long-term project called “The Anglican Church Project“.  As we continue to work on this project […]

Quiet On The Set!

Posted: 24th March 2014 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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There certainly is no lack of excitement here on Vancouver Island these days, we seem to be very busy working on all sorts of terrific projects!  Today we’re going to talk about one very special project we’re affiliated with, a community crowdfunding project that means a lot to us personally and can really do a […]

Standing armies of tiny white and purple flowers invade every inch of the yard, melodious frog-song ripples through the still evening, baby lambs and piglets frolic and romp in the pastures, and love hangs in the air as thick and heavy as the warm, mossy scent after a gentle rain.  It is finally Spring here […]

The sixties were a great time in the world of cars.  Engineers were working tirelessly on advances that saw leaps in horsepower ratings, bringing back direct experiences from the track to the shop to make core improvements in the underlying engineering.  Often times cars were over-powered and under-advertised, almost as if there was a secret […]

Our love for Vancouver Island is no secret, that’s for sure.  We are lucky enough to call this wonderful island home, and we just love living in the picturesque Cowichan Valley.  Even after having lived here for years now, we still find and learn about new treasures in the area.  In today’s post we’re going […]

Sweet Desolation

Posted: 6th March 2014 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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Vancouver Island is a finger of land located just a few miles off the west coast of Canada.  Separated from the mainland of BC and Washington State in the US by a series of straits, the island itself is largely unpopulated with huge tracts of land having never had the opportunity to bear witness to […]