The Last Breath Of Father Winter

Posted: 26th February 2014 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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We find ourselves once again under a canopy of snow as Father Winter takes his final breath for this year.  A large storm system passed through Vancouver Island this weekend leaving behind a snow landscape that reveals vignettes expressing the wonderful character of the island we love so much and call home to.

Snow Covered Home - Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Snow Covered Home – Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada –

The combination of landscape and architecture here on Vancouver Island is without peer.  European influences are found everywhere, yet we’ve taken these influences and made them our own.  When viewed in the context of a rugged setting full of mountains, forests, lakes and the Pacific Ocean we find ourselves in a place that is as unique as it is extraordinary.  This reveals singular experiences, places and things that make a special destination to both locals and visitors alike.

With March firmly in our sights and the hope of spring just around the corner, one last storm reminds us of the power and raw beauty of nature.  We’ve seen some plants beginning to bud in the past few weeks and we can only hope they survive the final blitz of wintery weather to bloom as the temperatures slowly rise and life once again springs forth, almost as if in a dance with the creator itself.

We may be a bit biased when it comes to our thoughts of Vancouver Island.  Yes, it is home to us, to our family, to our neighbors.  But, it is also much more than that.  It’s a place where we live and thrive, and a place we love to share with others.

Thank you so much for visiting us here at The Hollow today, we really appreciate it.  As always, we love to hear from all our visitors so we encourage you to leave us any comments you may have below.  And for now, we bid you adieu!

  1. adieu, adieu, … then greetings — such an idealistic picture. we cheerfully ignore the challenges the snow brings and plainly enjoy the artistic beauty of it all. it is all so pretty!

  2. avatar Chris Maskell says:

    Great photo Toad, Loving the snow, all we have had this year is rain

  3. avatar Edith Levy says:

    I really hope this is father winter’s last breath because I can’t take much more of this cold weather that we’ve been getting. Beautiful image Toad.

    • You and us, both, Edith, for sure. This winter has been long and dreary here on the island, with bouts of unusual snow events. Looking forward to a warmer and sunnier spring soon!!!!

  4. avatar Jim Denham says:

    Here’s hoping that it was the last breath! Beautiful winterscape Toad, and you should be proud of where you live – it’s quite the beautiful place!

  5. Hi Toad —

    The first thing that come to mind is your white balance. I find it absolutely spot on and when shooting and working with winter (snowy) pictures it can be quite tricky. You handled it like a biker in fist fight. Great work.

    I also am enjoying the sheer beauty of this spot you chose to photograph. You composition is well done. Thank you for continuing to be an inspiration for my own work. You are awesome!

    • LOVE your comments, Spencer, thank you so much for taking the time to pop on by for a visit and for leaving these great comments behind! I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate all your friendship and support here!

  6. avatar Len Saltiel says:

    From your mouth to God’s ears Toad. I sure hope winter is done but it looks like we are due for another storm. This winter will never end. That is one beautiful winter scene too.

    • Yeppers there, Len, I might have hooted that one out a little too soon. We got nailed this weekend with another snow storm here on the west coast. Thankfully it came and went. We are all so very ready for spring now, it’s not even funny anymore. 🙂 Thanks for popping on by my friend!!!!

  7. This is too funny. I copied the phrase “as Father Winter takes his final breath for this year” to make some comment on its uncertainty only to open the existing comments and see that pretty much everyone had the same thought.

    This is a lovely scene.

    • Seems I was a little hasty with my weather prognosis, Mark. Eeep. As Len said, “This winter will never end.” I hope that we’re coming out the back end of all this and looking forward to a bright, sunny and cheery spring!!! Thanks so much for popping on by Mark, we sure do appreciate your kind comments and support my friend!

  8. avatar Rick Louie says:

    It’s been a long winter and March is just starting. March and April are out snowiest months. Yikes! It’s those days that pop up with sunshine that give you hope. I see things starting to bud so I know Spring is around the corner.

    Wonderful image, Toad. I’m ready for Spring and waiting for the last breath of Winter hoping it come soon!

    • You and I, both, my good friend!! Thank you so much for taking the time to pop on by The Hollow here to see us today, Rick, we sure do appreciate that!

  9. avatar Lisa Gordon says:

    The serenity you have captured here is truly magical, Scott, and your description makes it even more so.