You could easily spend a lifetime exploring all the nooks and crannies here on Vancouver Island and I highly doubt you’d be able to discover everything the island has to offer.  Home to incredible mountains and beautiful waterfront features, you can spend your morning high in the altitudes and your afternoon on a beach.  And sometimes the waterfront landscapes are veiled in a beautiful dusting of snow.  This adds just the perfect smidgen of character to our scenes, resulting in special moments that are somewhat rare.  When you understand that snow events are highly unusual around these parts, you have a huge propensity to grab the camera and head out on adventures on those days.  And, even after having lived here for well over 30 years now, we can still find things that we had no idea where here before.  This is just what happened to us with the Crofton Old School House Museum this winter.

Crofton Old School House Museum - Crofton, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Old School House Museum – Crofton, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada –

Many of our heritage buildings get into bad states of disrepair over the years and the resources required to revitalize them are far out of reach.  Many of these places are lost, only to be remembered in stories or publications from times now past, leaving behind haunting memories of what once was.  Some of our heritage buildings, however, are recognized for the important roles they play in terms of our local history and find new purposes in life.  These are exciting to us.

Crofton is a wonderful little town on the coast with a deep-rooted history in our logging industry.  With that being the case, we were absolutely delighted to discover that this historic old school-house has been repurposed as a museum to showcase the great history of the area.  We’re seeing more and more of these school houses being used as such and we think this is a great way to continue the storied life of these places.  Now, with that all being said, we ourselves haven’t had a chance to visit this spot in person, the day we took this shot the museum was closed.  But it’s certainly on our list now! For more information and some photos of the school house in the bright sunlight check out the pages “Crofton BC, Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada” and “Museums | Chemainus and Cowichan Valley areas of Vancouver Island“.

We can think of no better way to connect with the area you live in than to visit a museum.  It’s a great way to learn while being entertained at the same time!

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit us here at The Hollow today, we really do appreciate it.  As always, we love to hear from all of our visitors so we encourage you to leave us any comments you may have below.  Until next time, my fine friends!

  1. avatar Joyfulgozo Joyfulgozo says:

    Sch. H. to museum. Excellent use, since the teaching is still continued, but this time as a museum. Would there be any former students w. memories? Front portion seems to have a slight up lift curve to each roof portion.

    • Very observant, my friend, we sure do appreciate your kind visit and you taking the time to comment! Not sure about former students, I suspect there might be but we don’t have any contacts who could help connect us at this time. Crofton is near and we continue to visit so perhaps one day we’ll find someone! Thanks for your kind visit and great comments my friend, we really appreciate it!

      • avatar David Banks says:

        I do not know when the new (now abandoned) Crofton Elementary opened; I do know that the old schoolhouse was used for Kindergarten in 1967-68, and at some;point an olive green portable appeared on the school grounds and we, the kindergarten class of ’67-’68 moved out of the old schoolhouse.

        The old schoolhouse was moved from that location when the open area an gym was built in 1971

        David Banks; Cow Hi Grad ’80


        The 1971 buildings are on the right. On the left ….oh……

        September 3 1968. I learned where the Grade 1 classroom was. Main entrance, then turn right down the sloping hallway. Washrooms on the left, large classroom on the right.

        March 10 2014 — I learned why my Grade 1 classroom was different from the rest of the school

        • What wonderful comments to find on our blog this morning, David, thank you SO much for taking the time to visit and for leaving these for everyone to enjoy! This adds a great dimension to our post, thank you sincerely!

  2. avatar Averil says:

    The bright color of the building over shadows the gloom of winter! <3 it!

  3. avatar Pat Gibbs says:

    Comparing the photo you took and the two photos taken, as you emphasize, in bright sunlight is the best object lesson I know for why soft light produces better photos. As one poster noticed the colours in your photo pop off the page with intensity and passion while the photos used in the tourist links seem faded and dull by comparison yet the only real difference, other than the size of the photo is the bright sunlight in the latter. A magnificent lesson. Can’t wait until you get inside and have some interior pictures to share with us.

  4. avatar Edith Levy says:

    Love this building Toad. You have to go back and photograph the inside.

    • Thanks Edith! We just discovered this treasure this winter so I will try and make contact with someone who can assist with this. We’ve done this kind of thing many times before, so there’s no reason to not expect it here again! Many thanks for your wonderful visit today, we really appreciate that!

  5. avatar LensScaper says:

    The rather bleak landscape and the dusting of snow really allows the lines, colours and shape of this building to shine out. Great shot image, Toad. I wonder what it’s like inside?!

  6. avatar Len Saltiel says:

    Love how the snow contrasts with the color of the house Toad. If you want more snow, I a have at least two feet of it on my deck. We are getting slammed this winter. Snow is great the first 6 inches or so, after that…

    • Yeh, you know Len, I hear ya there. I was born and raised in Edmonton and we fled that city due to the constant and deep snowy winters… out here on the west coast things tend to be much nicer… we’ve got plenty of room if you’re thinking of moving up here!! 😀 Thank you so much for your kind visit and comments this morning, my friend, that means a lot to us!

  7. Your camera was in just the right place to minimize all the superfluous details and maximize the great lines of the building. On top of all that the bit of snow gives a beautiful clean look to the photo. It’s a lovely little building.

  8. avatar ashley says:

    Many years ago I had time to kill before taking the boat over to salt springs to visit my aunt and walked through. I got a big shock to find my biological mother and her siblings in the class photos and their names written on the board. Yes, they are still alive and yet they already are in a museum and to say my relatives photos are posted in a museum well that is a treat.

    It would be nice if they would post the photos that are on their walls for all to see, here.

    • Oh wow, how wonderful Ashley!! What a great discovery!! Thank you ever so kindly for popping by to see us today, and for leaving these terrific comments that I am sure everyone will enjoy!

    • avatar joyfulgozo says:

      What an awesome surprise Ashley! Didn’t know things like that could happen. Maybe your name will turn up there. Interesting!!