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The Last Breath Of Father Winter

Posted: 26th February 2014 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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We find ourselves once again under a canopy of snow as Father Winter takes his final breath for this year.  A large storm system passed through Vancouver Island this weekend leaving behind a snow landscape that reveals vignettes expressing the wonderful character of the island we love so much and call home to. The combination […]

One of the very best things we’ve discovered on our travels and explorations of Vancouver Island has to be the wonderful quaint community of Fairbridge in Cowichan Station.  Today’s feature post continues our running photoblog series “The Children of Fairbridge“.  In our previous post we promised to take you up into the clock tower where […]

There’s just something entrancing about rusty things.  Just beneath the surface usually lies an interesting story, some are obvious to easy to discover, while others remain a mystery forever leaving the viewer to their own imagination.  In today’s post we’re heading up island to check out a new spot we haven’t featured here at The […]

Valentine’s Day is much more than pretty flowers, nice cards and warm sentiments, it’s a time to reflect on those things that are so meaningful to us.  Here at Toad Hollow we march to the beat of a slightly different drummer and with this in our hearts we take us back once again to one […]

You could easily spend a lifetime exploring all the nooks and crannies here on Vancouver Island and I highly doubt you’d be able to discover everything the island has to offer.  Home to incredible mountains and beautiful waterfront features, you can spend your morning high in the altitudes and your afternoon on a beach.  And […]

The Turner Building: A Second Life

Posted: 5th February 2014 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography

Thanks for visiting us here at The Hollow today, we’ve got a very interesting update to share with everyone.  For those of you who follow us regularly, you already know of the story behind Ian’s Coffee Stop & Confectionery store just across from the Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria.  For those just joining us today, […]