Life on Vancouver Island is as good as it gets. To say that it is simply “wonderful” would be sadly lacking. Four distinct seasons regularly change the wallpaper, turning the familiar into something new and exciting. The perfect culmination of streams, lakes, mountains, valleys and ocean provide an endless palette of landscapes at every turn. Friendly faces greet you at every street corner, and a trip to the post office can easily chew through the better part of an afternoon as the chatter and gossip flow faster than the letters and packages. Yet every now and then, some well-meaning visitor will ask how we can live on such a tiny spec of land floating in the vast Pacific ocean without feeling a little stir crazy, and it always leaves them looking somewhat perplexed when we tell them to just jump off the edge of the earth! No, really…..

Foggy Maple Bay Marina - Maple Bay, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Foggy Maple Bay Marina – Maple Bay, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada –

Here at the Hollow, we are lucky enough to  have the edge of the earth just down the street.  A long, leisurely stroll down the road will bring you to the shore where you can leap off of the island and on to my favourite big rock.  Completely surrounded by water during high-tide, it provides the perfect landing spot to sit and look back at the bump that we call home.  No two visits are ever the same.   Some days the blue sky provides the perfect back-drop for bobbing sailboats moored in the bay, while others bring a scene like this one.  Covered in a soft blanket of fog, the moments suddenly feel dreamy and still as the muffled cries of the seagulls hang in the air.

Sometimes we just need a little break to realize what we have and appreciate it all anew.  Whatever life brings your way today, both good and challenging alike, just remember that if it all gets to be just a little too much, you can always take a break and  just jump off the edge of the earth!  And if you don’t have one in your neighbourhood, you are always welcome to share ours.

Until next time!


Mrs. Toad

  1. Nicely done, Mrs T! 🙂

  2. Lovely! It’s been awhile since we’ve been to Maple Bay Marina – we’ve gone there most years in fall or winter in our boat, but haven’t been there yet this year. Your photo makes me want to head down there!

    • avatar Mrs. Toad says:

      Hi Laurie, do let us know if you make it out this way and we’ll buy the coffee! Thanks so much for your visit today!

  3. A very nice portrait of my old stomping grounds indeed. And I like the way this photo depicts November by the seaside.

    • avatar Mrs. Toad says:

      Joseph, you are one of the luckiest people we know to have lived both at Maple Bay Marina and now in the lovely setting that you do! Thank you for popping by today!

  4. avatar LensScaper says:

    Well said, Mrs Toad. It’s the changing of the seasons that adds variety and spice to life.

    • avatar Mrs. Toad says:

      So true Andy, it seems to me whatever the season, it is my favourite! We are very lucky to live where we do. Thank you for your visit today!

  5. Well now Mrs. Toad I can feel your love and dedication to your home town. That is a very special thing and something others who do not live where you live have a hard time realizing how beautiful all those seasons really are. The Pacific Northwest is quite a special spot on earth and being lucky enough to photograph it is special. You photographs are really nice and so well processed. My hats off to both of the Toads.

    • avatar Mrs. Toad says:

      Thank you ever so much for these wonderful comments Spencer! We are very lucky to live in a such a lovely place and we just never get tired of finding things to photograph. I will pass on your kind comments to Mr. Toad who is the talented toad behind the camera. Thanks for your visit today!

  6. avatar Len Saltiel says:

    Wonderful post Mrs Toad. If I wanted to go “stir crazy”, I couldn’t think of a better place than your island. I only wish that I could spend some quality time exploring your lovely location. The good news is that I get to enjoy it through Toad’s and your eyes. The fog in the photo really adds a mood to the scene.

    • avatar Mrs. Toad says:

      Len, you have a standing invitation to the Hollow, we would love to share our landscapes with you! Thank you for your kind words today!

  7. avatar Edith Levy says:

    It sounds like a slice of heaven to me. Thank you for starting off my morning so beautifully.

    • avatar Mrs. Toad says:

      Thanks so much for popping by and leaving these wonderful comments Edith, I hope the rest of your day is filled with all good things!

  8. Love the fog in this one, great scene Mr and Mrs Toad

    • avatar Mrs. Toad says:

      Thank you Mike, there really is something special about fog that just adds such drama, we really enjoyed taking this one! Thanks for your visit!

  9. Beautiful photo of the foggy day at the marina. Always seems a bit surreal when the fog rolls in but is also comforting too.

    • avatar Mrs. Toad says:

      Hi Carol, thank you for your visit and these wonderful comments! I just love the difference it makes when the fog comes in, completely changing a familiar scene into something magical. We are so lucky to live in such a pretty place!