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As we continue to photograph buildings of heritage significance here on Vancouver Island, one of the questions that keeps popping up time and time again is “did you get inside?”  This is a fair question, and one we wish we could always answer with a resounding yes, but this isn’t always possible.  Sometimes the facilities […]

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness” -John Keats   Anyone who visits us regularly here at the Hollow surely knows that my love and adoration of one very handsome and talented Mr. Toad goes very deep.  One might even go so far as to […]

Fate favors the prepared, I’ve heard it said many times.  Life on the west coast of Canada is a peaceful existence, the concept of an active war or military confrontation on our shores is a notion that is nearly impossible to fathom.  But that wasn’t always the case, and in the mid 1800’s as Britain […]

These posts are way too easy for me to write.  For those who know me, my deep deep love for classic muscle cars is no secret, and now that I am armed with a quality camera you can almost always find us at some car show over the summer trying to fill up memory cards […]

Wood is plentiful and often used here on Vancouver Island, it makes for terrific building materials as well as creates great details that express all that is best on the island.  Today we head back to one of our favorite places to visit and photograph, Fairbridge Chapel.  This post is part of our running photoblog […]

“Home is where the heart is.”  “There’s no place like home.”  “Home Sweet Home.”  When it comes to where we choose to hang our hats at the end of the day, we are never at a loss for poetic idioms that conjure warm feelings of love, laughter and family.  Why, the very word “home” can suddenly transport us to the Christmas that […]

Ian’s Coffee Stop

Posted: 15th October 2013 by ToadHollowPhoto in Photography
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Never underestimate the power of a community.  Most people would see at first glance a quickly deteriorating art-deco building in the heart of a city.  This is simply the veneer, the real story lies a little deeper.  The real story is about Ian Turner, a man who would enthusiastically greet and interact with pretty much […]

Our love for Vancouver Island and the life we experience here runs deep, it’s in our DNA.  Sometimes Mrs. Toad and I hop into our car and take off for points unknown, with no schedule or real goal in mind other than to find some scenes of the island that convey the character and spirit […]

Dreams are the fuel for goals.  It’s that desire to see our dreams come true that drives many of us to do the things we do in life.  No matter how odd or strange a dream may be to someone, the beholder sees something personal and meaningful.  Mrs. Toad and I have a dream like […]

We’re heading back to The Motorcar Gathering 2012 held at the Queen Alexandra Hospital here in Victoria last year in today’s post, continuing our running photoblog series “The Toads At The Gathering“.  We’re going to learn a little bit more about me on a personal level today as I share a story about a car […]